Santa Sings & Elves Gone Wild

The Christmas Chronicles 2

I think Kurt Russell’s only contractual request for these movies is let me have a musical number and this one (with the excellent Darlene Love) is first rate.

Much like Kurt and musical numbers set a movie in Santa’s Village and I am all over it. So of course I was going to watch The Christmas Chronicles 2 which also makes good use of Goldie Hawn as Mrs. Claus.

And again one of my favorite movies as a child was Overboard so I adore them and was super pleased with their parts.

The beginning starts with young Kate (from the first film) not enjoying the families Christmas vacation on the beach who winds up being tricked by a rogue elf and takes mom’s boyfriends new son for the ride to the North Pole (accidentally) where they must stop a rogue elf from destroying Christmas.

And that sounds like a mouthful! The beginning was the bumpiest part for me. The important things to note… Kate is unhappy about new boyfriend.

And the bratty elf has an ax to grind and wants to grind it all over the spirit of Christmas.

For all the fun there are parts of the film that were a bit dark. Like the bit with the reindeer. All I could think was how dare they? Also Mrs. Claus joy at the presence of children I thought that stuff was played with a lot of longing. She seemed like a happy if lonely person.

But I had to laugh when the elves got drugged and went wild but I find the way they do the elves in these films really precious so watching them go on a near murderous rampage just the kind of Christmas movie that appeals to me!

I’m glad I watched Christmas Chronicles 2. I think this one is turning into a very fun series and even with Kate being annoying I look forward to another round. God she’ll probably find an elf Prince or something to marry in the third. But I do hope they go full Mrs. Claus in the next one.

Grinch-Meter: 8.5 heart growths in this one!

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