What’s the Deal with Vision? Wandavision Ep.3

I’m a bit torn on Vision after Episode 3. Not that I like him more here than any of the movies cause that’s true but what he is here is a whole other question.



I’m giving more and more credence to Vision being alive (I’ll get to the how) because I 100% think every one in Westview is alive. Moles, original town inhabitants, good guys, bad guys.

Plus we’ve seen Vision have multiple conversations outside of and away from Wanda and he’s definitely questioning reality (though she was to in episode 2) and if he’s in her head I don’t see how that would work. I mean I guess they could go with she’s so broken and her mental state so bad some deep, deep subconscious knows exactly what she’s doing and uses her fake Vision to have moments of reality.

But that’s going to be a tough one.

Of course on the other hand he feels a little more zanier than he should. A little more a trope of the harried sitcom dad that might be in her head. It’s almost too much. Completely enjoyable but still.

Wanda had her infamous twins and like any good sitcom of the day (or hell now) they were too big, way to clean and no umbilical cords or anything.

Than she had a fantastic moment of actually remembering Pietro even regaining her accent!

Unfortunately the whole thing served as a trigger for Geraldine’s memory and Wanda promptly shucked her out of the reality. Giving us confirmation that wherever this is it’s a physical place- big from the looks of it.

Which comes to my next possible idea:

The town was first

I still believe while Wanda has vast, vast amounts of control someone put her up to it, put the idea in her head for possibly nefarious purposes. Herb did seem like he trusted Vision enough to tell him but Agnes looked scared (for a second) and shut him down.

What if the town was a trap for Wanda?

She came to help them or investigate what was going on and that was the end of it…

Sentient Weapons…

Marvel changing SWORD from Sentient Worlds Observation… to Sentient Weapons is something I can’t get past yet. Especially since Wanda was referred to as a weapon in Civil War (as were Banner and Thor) maybe this is all on them one way or another.

Maybe they also had Vision…

Shuri seems like the type to have made a backup all those years ago in Wakanda and if Wanda perhaps found out about that and that they weren’t bringing him back or she wanted it that could have been the loss of control. It’s not the best look for an introduction of SWORD but it could also explain if we don’t see any Avengers.

Doctor Strange/ Hawkeye

Actually we really should see Strange at some point. Even if not as a nod to any comics storylines as a lead in to his movie in which Wanda’s going to play a huge part apparently. Plus the intersection of their power sets you would think SWORD would request his help.

Unless they were behind it. Maybe Wanda was willing working with them to test her powers and they pushed to far? Who knows?

There’s also Hawkeye. She has been close to him in the movies. He generally seems to care about her and well there’s comic history to play out as well if that’s what they want of course they could do that in his show as it’s supposed to come before Strange anyway.

But still SWORD being at fault might be an excuse not to bring any of them in.

Think about the Children

I heard a very interesting theory about the Baby Boom that’s about to seemingly happen in this town for the Halloween episode. A little dark for Marvel to think about where the children might be coming from but we’ll see.

Think about the Mutants

So of course the famous line from the comics that Wanda utters is No More Mutants maybe Marvel’s going to do the reverse and this is about the birth of the mutants?

Not just Tommy and Billy (well their a whole other story) but maybe when and if she does rip open the multiverse she triggers some kind of mass activation of the mutant gene on Earth? I mean Feige has confirmed Deadpool is coming and there have long been rumors about Namor and Storm for Black Panther 2 and Rogue in Captain Marvel!

So much to think about and I’m just hoping I finally have Daydream Believer out of my head by next weeks episode 🙂

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