Let Them Live Marvel!

So there’s pretty much spoilers for all Wandavision up to episode 7 plus a lot of information from the comics so if you haven’t watched it yet and don’t even want to speculate where this could be maybe going you’ve been warned.

Me before Wandavision: I don’t really care one way or another about Vision besides how it will effect Wanda.

Me Now: Don’t do this Marvel. I don’t want to watch this pure wonderful man die again!

Did you notice how even though Darcy introduced herself as Darcy Lewis he knew she was a Doctor from the email and made sure to address her with her title? I can’t remember if it was Tony or Bruce that said Vision was the best parts of all of them but I seriously concur and I’d like to see him survive this somehow.

I mean why can’t Wanda put the hex over the house?

Also I mean I would live in Westview happily provided she loses the mind control.

But I think I’m not going to be happy about Vision regardless the fate that’s up in the air is really the adorable wonderful twins and damn it Marvel you better not go the comic route with them…

I don’t want to get to far in the comic weeds but the reincarnation story was well… I hated it okay? And why, why do the work to introduce them here to age them up and then pull that. Granted I’m torn because one I don’t think it would make sense and two it’s way more complicated than Feige/Marvel likes to go with in the past.

The Young Avengers however are being cast across the board and for the twins to just disappear/die after Wandavision (instead of being aged up one more time in the hex I would assume) is nuts and frankly I think Kevin Feige’s plan to bring more diverse characters to Marvel would be rightly called out if Wiccan and Speed (but especially Wiccan) isn’t there. But I want characters who were and remember being the sons of our two Wandavision heroes. Not just random reincarnated characters who aren’t even technically brothers!

I’m rambling. I just hate that part of the story so much! I do think the twins might remain a cliffhanger and that will be part of Wanda’s motivation through Spiderman and Doctor Strange 2. Since people have questioned her fate after Doctor Strange maybe she’ll sacrifice herself to close the multiverse and save her sons.

*Obviously I’m not bringing up Wanda or Monica here because of pre-announced plans for them and I’m pretty sure we’ll see Darcy and Jimmy again as well.

But last and a big one that I hope makes it out of Wandavision…


So far she seems a straight villain here (and oh my God! the theme song) but in the comics she’s never so cut and dry… and she’s actually important to The Fantastic Four. Plus I don’t know how or why but I need her to meet Loki so Kathryn Hahn and Tom Hiddleston can work together. Mainly I think even if they keep her villainess she’s too damned great to waste Marvel.

You already bloody did that with Cate Blanchett for fucks sake! Don’t make the same mistake twice. Even if it’s just long enough for her to screw around in the Spiderverse (again) taunt Strange and have one final epic showdown with Scarlet Witch.

And yes I realize I’m saying I want everyone in this show to survive but damn it they should. I feel like they’ve earned it.

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