Godzilla vs. Kong

I’m a little torn on Godzilla vs. Kong.

But I do think they should just realize their biggest problems are the humans (in more ways than one) and team up against us bringing down their films.

On the one hand Godzilla vs. Kong provides the epic monsters fights you want in a movie like this and while a lot of people have taken issue with the previous movies obscuring the fights or doing constant cut aways I thought here it they were clear and mostly focused.

I think that important element is better than the previous movies and look I know most people don’t expect or want much else but I think that being so good the script and the “characters” were the weakest of any of the films.

I say “characters” because it’s barely scratching the surface. Performances are all fine but basically it’s just some recognizable actors doing a few days work for a pay check. There aren’t any arcs or mainly more defining characteristics than ‘scientist,’ ‘deaf-girl friend of Kong,’ ‘girls adopted mother,’ ‘conspiracy nut,’ and they have all the typical dialogue to boot with the bad decision making.

I love Julian Dennison, Millie Bobby Brown and Bryan Tree Henry but that entire plot could have gone with all its coincidences and hand waves that were making me roll by eyes even in this kind of movie.

The movie moves fast, which is good, but so fast through it’s thin plot that it leaves you going wait what? There’s a tunnel where? Which leaves you seriously questioning the decision making of some of these people.

So should Kong and Godzilla frankly.

But it’s a pretty film (when you aren’t thinking about how they are leveling a city) and fun to watch.

Me? I’m always Team Kong and as effects have gotten better they make it even harder to root against him with those big brown eyes and unfortunately as he can’t escape into the ocean he always winds up treated the worst at the hands of the humans.

Although Eiza Gonzalez (among others admittedly) character in this is so one-note I’m not even sure she’d classify.

Anyway it’s a fun film a big summer spectacle just don’t expect anything more than the monsters 🙂

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. Godzilla vs. Kong is easily the most fun I’ve had in a theater since Endgame! My theater erupted all through the awesome fight scenes. It was like watching a wrestling match for us. It gave me mixture of excitement, satisfaction, and even emotion. I never expect anything from the humans of any giant monster movie (Godzilla or otherwise). I absolutely loved that they embraced the craziness of 2 evenly matched monsters clashing and tearing apart a city.

  2. I can’t help but sigh when it comes to these monster movies. I get that the appeal is the monsters themselves but would is it really asking too much to have a half-decent plot, too? My husband is dying to watch this over the weekend though and I’m not going to say no!

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