Ted Lasso Is The Greatest

I slept on this show for to long because I didn’t want to sign up for Apple TV, I’m not big on Jason Sudekis and I couldn’t care less about sports.

I can’t tell you how wrong I was about the show or how much it’s worth the watch.

Ted Lasso is an American Coach whose hired to go over to England and coach a middling football team. He doesn’t know it than but we quickly find out that his new boss hired him mostly to tank the team she won from her ex-husband in a divorce. And she’s still one of his lesser problems.

This shows strength really succeeds in character, writing and (this is going to sound so corny) heart. And it’s all backed up by excellent performances. There’s fantastic friendships strong female characters (and Hannah Waddingham as Rebecca is truly Ted’s equal throughout the season nor is she written off as the villain- though okay maybe her ex is but he’s a dick.)

And one of the things I really appreciate about this show is that conflict is handled in a strong manner people deal with it, face it, own up to their mistakes (mostly there’s a handful of characters who are a little slower to that than most of the others.)

Also Ted Lasso is actually a really great ensemble cast with many standouts and it makes you truly care about the team as a whole, not just Ted, which is so important for sports shows!

Is there anything that I didn’t like about it?

Hm because I love them so much there are some bits that bum me out. You never want to see your favorite characters hurting after all. Also there’s only ten episodes. (I’ve literally already watched them twice!) But they are already halfway through filming season 2 and have an early pick up for a third season so hopefully they’ll be plenty more to keep be sated soon!)

Recommend: Yes.

Totally worth the $4.99 for Apple TV.

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  1. AMEN! I have a free trial of Apple TV, I had never heard of this show until Sati started talking about it, so I watched and I’m so glad I did. It’s amazing and so full of heart.

  2. I Think Hannah Waddingham would be great choice as Cora Hoover Hooper In Anyone Can Whistle Revival

  3. I Think Hannah Waddingham would be good choice for Madame Morrible In a film adaptation of Wicked.

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