Emmy Nominated!

Okay I’ll admit of all the nominations I was excited about this morning it was probably Kathryn Hahn’s that I was most excited about!

Kathryn, Elizabeth and Paul all got nominations for Wandavision which also is nominated for best Limited Series. Well-deserved in my opinions. The Boys is also up for Best Drama…

I had been hoping Giancarlo got nominated for either The Boys or The Mandalorian and he got a Best Supporting Actor nod for Mando… which is up for Best Drama Series (still no idea when we’ll ever see season 3 but that’s a whole other story) nicest surprise of all…

Timothy Olyphant got a Best Guest Star for Cobb Vanth!

Hopefully all those rumors about him popping up in Boba Fett are true. Please, please Favreau don’t let me down on this one.

Also the Ted Lasso cast cleaned up nominations just like I was hoping with 3 in Best Supporting Actor but I’m most excited about Hannah and Juno get nominated for Best Supporting Actress. I wish they could share the actual award the characters so would!

The Flight Attendant got some love.

Also yeah for Lovecraft Country I hadn’t really heard anyone talking about that I didn’t love the show overall but the cast was great and Jonathon Majors and Journee Smollett both got well deserved nominations.

(He’s going to be Kang of course but seriously Feige needs to snap her up for the MCU.)

A lot of love for Hamilton to which I loved and (in my opinion) Diggs and Odom deserve all the awards I do worry it’s going to knock out some other good contenders though just because it’s such a special event juggernaut.

A complete list of nominations here.

The Emmy’s will take place on September 19th.


  1. Super stoked that the big three got nominated for WandaVision. Lead Actress Limited is one stacked category. Even my boy Ralph Bohner got a nom for Mare! Oh the fan discourse gonna be all kinds of insufferable til September 😬

    • I was thinking Carl Lumbly would for sure but I guess he went over the allotted time for guest so they submitted him for supporting and who knows? It seems a very stacked year this year!

    • I’m thinking she could (fingers crossed) she’s been around for ages and seems really well-liked in the business plus I think with Mare of Eastttown and I May Destroy You it she may be Wandavisions best shot at a big win outside the technicals?

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