The Batman & thoughts on the (confirmed) Sequel

Just in time for the awesome news we’re getting a sequel. No date announced but Robert Pattinson, Matt Reeves and the whole creative team are coming back. I’m excited! But hopefully Reeves can bring this one in at a swift two and a half hours and maybe make even more money.


Also no Joker!

I mean Barry Keoghan would be fine I’m sure. He was fine in the deleted scene I think we just need to let that character rest. I’d say do Poison Ivy but I have no doubt that would just disappoint me more than pretty much any other character they can and would screw up. Reeves apparently said somewhere he’d be down for Mr. Freeze and that could be interesting.

I actually liked the movie and thought it went by rather fast despite my whining about the time. That being said it’s far faster and better when you can pause it if you need to and get comfortable.

Also I think less would have been more for the Riddler. Appropriately enough for this movie when we were in the dark about him he was far more terrifying. Once in the light he was kind of pathetic. And frankly the world’s greatest Detective and the Gotham PD (never mind the PD I should know by now outside of Gordon they are hopeless) should be ashamed he got that far.

Also that he knew who Batman was.

Otherwise I was actually intrigued by the story. Pattinson and Zoe Kravitz did a good job and had nice chemistry they can build on.

Thank you Matt Reeves a million times for not making me sit through the Wayne’s death again and actually I’d love to see more exploration of his Arkham connection and the stuff about his mother. Is it just me or does she often get totally lost in other films if not completely forgotten? I mean I wouldn’t say this was a shining look at her or even a deep look at her but at least they threw us a bone.

But it probably wouldn’t hurt to know what the green shit he was injecting into himself was. Did I miss something?

This movie was also too dark (I know I picked one of the least dark pics) but I did think it was interesting that there was actually more light as the film wound to it’s conclusion and Batman seemed to pick up on the fact, through the Riddler’s followers, that the way he was going about his persona was not at all helping.

Of course we were also getting a lot of bright shining dawn light on the Penguin…

But it will be interesting to see if Batman/Bruce Wayne finds a bit more balance in the next movie. One can hope.

Maybe in his (and Alfred’s) quest to take back control of the Renewal Fund that was so badly misused in this one we could upset the Court of OWLS or something. Also they could lay some groundwork as this Batman is relatively young how about introducing a young Harvey Dent? Who could also have something to do with the Renewal Fund and rebuilding Gotham…

Anyway there’s a lot of choices and I’m looking forward to seeing what Reeves and company decide!


  1. I agree that it could’ve been shorter, but I didn’t mind it even in the theater. I also hope they bring us a villain we haven’t seen depicted as much. Joker is a necessary evil, but he is done to death.

    P.S. I love that you’re using Barbie as your profile picture.

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  2. i thought whatever future portrayal of the joker we have, will be hella scary. that deleted scene alone was already disturbing enough lol. i really enjoyed the batman, but it can be quite hard to follow at times. i remember being on theaters, very confused about who they were talking about because all the different names start blurring together lmao it didn’t help that i wasn’t super familiar with the original storyline at all. but i really do hope this isn’t the last we saw of cat woman. she isn’t fully in her cat woman vibes in this first movie, and i hope this is a sign we’ll see more of her in future movies!

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