What They Should Have Said

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A little bit of what they should have said. A little bit of what I would have said. Some specific characters. Some general… Mainly me procrastinating on my other writing ūüôā

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Random Reviews: Cinderella & Inside Out

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Cinderella                          Inside Out

Grade: B+                           Grade: A

¬†Except not really so random because they are both Disney and both movies I didn’t get around to seeing in theaters even though I wanted to. Finally caught up! Yeah!

 Important question: Where these kids movies?

¬†Inside Out was just as good as everyone said it was and just as good as I expected. Seriously, I can now listen to Amy Poehler (Joy) in anything. The story is about Riley and her emotions, mainly Joy and Sadness. While fighting over memories get tossed out of mission control (in Riley’s head) and this leaves her a spiraling emotional mess.

 I enjoyed this movie. I liked Imagination Land, Abstract Thoughts and the Boyfriend Maker and just personally I really connected with Riley.

¬†I liked that it said it’s okay to be sad sometimes and that sadness is an emotion that helps and heals. Yes, I cried with Bing Bong and all that stuff. It was a really great and very personal movie but I just don’t know that very young kids would enjoy it.

¬†Cinderella meanwhile was a pleasant surprise. I liked it a lot better than I thought I would in large part because it made sense why Cinderella stayed in that position (at least to me). Now what didn’t surprise me was the boring bland romance. I guess Prince Charming doesn’t really matter and I know a lot of people will disagree with me but I just don’t get the Richard Madden thing. Nice eyes but fairly dull.

¬†Cate Blanchett as the stepmother killed it and I don’t think Lily James gets enough credit for her performance. The abuse in this movie really affected me, perhaps more than any other telling of Cinderella, because those performances were so very good. I loved the way Blanchett’s face would change. Like her character was just generally bored and miserable but when she’d start in on Cinderella there’d be this spark in Blanchett’s eyes, this enjoyment for no other reason than to make someone’s life hell made her happy, that I found truly frightening. Lily James also did a wonderful job. I could see her character being worn down. I could see the strength sapping out of her in places.

 It seems wrong to say it at this point but it was also a lovely movie.

¬†The wedding dress…

 Keep the Prince and just let me wear the dress for a couple of hours!

¬†I also thought all the “outdoors” scenes were just lush and beautiful. I probably enjoyed them more than the ball. Everything just looked like a painting come to life.

 Recommend: Yes. I really enjoyed them both.


Into the Woods


I’ve been waiting forever to see this movie. It was just something I missed in all the craziness and I’ve been looking forward to catching up. If iTunes had released it early I wouldn’t have hesitated to buy it.

Thank you iTunes for holding back until I could rent it first. It wasn’t a bad movie but it definitely wasn’t buyable at least to me. Quick summary of¬†the story. Emily Blunt and James Corden need to break a curse to have a child. The witch who put the curse on them super helpfully gives them a quest and sends them into the woods to break it. In the woods¬†they will interact with a whole ton of fairy tale characters.

After a strong start and music that didn’t bother me the movie became both boring and overstuffed.¬†Cut out all the Rapunzel stuff- it didn’t matter even though it’s set-up so it probably should have mattered. To be honest Red Riding Hood could have gone to. There’s also an incredibly jarring time skip. I was confused until I read more about the original play and realized I wasn’t crazy. It definitely pulled me out. I was however spoiled on the fate of one of the characters so I was ready for that one.

On the plus side the cast was top-notch. I could have done with more witch, more Cinderella and her Prince, more of the Baker- I even liked the kid playing Jack. But overall it was just too much crammed into one movie.

¬†WARNING: This is for people like me who don’t really follow musicals or theatre this is a darker film that contains mutilation, infidelity and character deaths.

Recommend: This is one of those “cup of tea” things but even besides that I think the movie had too many problems. Check out the trailers and see if you like the look of it but right now there are better things out to watch.




Cress is the third book in Marissa Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles. I was planning to put off reading it until closer to book number four’s release but it was a dirt cheap deal on Amazon on Black Friday and I simply couldn’t stop myself.

(Possible Slight Spoilers Below:)


Cress herself is a Lunar Shell- meaning she has no powers of mind control¬†like all the other Lunars¬†but she can hack and program¬†like a boss¬†so she’s been trapped on a satellite for the last several years spying on Earth for Sybil, the Evil Queen’s second in command. (I’ve been reading a lot of these recently and it makes me wonder why is it always an Evil Queen?) Anyway the book starts off with Cress waiting for Cinder and her gang to rescue her. This is her first¬†shot at freedom so needless to say it’s going to get screwed up royally for everybody.

I really like this whole series which started with Cinderella as a Cyborg Cinder. Cress is of course Rapunzel whose in love with escaped prisoner¬†Thorne and boy even he knows she romanticizes him. I like the character a lot. She could be annoying as she’s completely over the top dramatic but it’s balanced well with a helpful talent and a good head on her shoulders. I also really like the fact that much as Cinder is a top mechanic Cress also has a usually for the guys purpose in her programming skills. The rebels struggling to pull themselves together runs right up to Emperor Kai’s wedding to the Queen which everyone is determined to stop.

The good:

All the characters are very likeable actually. The story moves along at a quick pace. There’s some interesting bits throughout including when Cinder takes over someone’s mind and then they point out that not only should the Queen not have that power- no one should. Also beware throughout the book¬†one of the main characters is a prisoner of the Lunar’s¬†and tortured. We see her lose a finger at one point. That’s like less than 10% of the novel but you should be warned.

The not so good:

There’s a paternity twist that while it wasn’t bad made me think of Once Upon a Time & here’s hoping the family tree doesn’t get that screwy. Also as much as I like the character of Iko- Cinder’s android bestie- who jumps from body to body and desperately wants to be beautiful that’s definitely a character where less is more. She’s funny but then at a certain point she stops being funny.

But the worst part is definitely going to be the endless wait until Winter is released next year!


I’m late to this series and I’m still learning & delving into the world of it¬†but I’d absolutely recommend it! It’s a well-written fun retelling of fairy tales that stands on its own just as well.