Hoax for the Holidays


Casey lives in a small town in Nova Scotia and she’s pretty much at wit’s end. Her beloved sister is brain-dead after an accident and her father can’t let go. Unfortunately he’s letting go of everything else and Casey’s crappy job at a donut shop is the only thing keeping them afloat. Then one day in a fit of rage she tosses her coffee against a wall and with a little help Jesus appears. Everyone goes into an uproar and Casey has a bit of a good time laughing at the towns people and taking advantage until her father comes to believe it as well and then she really finds herself in a pickle.

I wanted to watch Hoax for the Holidays (originally called Faith, Fraud and Minimum Wage) for two reasons. One to try to find a little Christmas cheer and two Callum Keith Rennie always and forever my favorite Cylon.

What I learned?

Do not watch this movie for holiday cheer.

Don’t get me wrong it is a good movie on its own though it’s rather slight. All the main actors are very good. Casey’s religion and money mad boss is appropriately hateful and Casey at times is more than a little bit obnoxious though you understand why she’s doing it. The movie actually manages not to treat the idea of religion too shabbily considering the plot. The young Priest is given respect in the story and I liked how it made him balance truth with his desire to help a wounded young girl whose fast approaching the end of her rope. The end between Casey and her father had me in tears and was very moving.

Would I recommend the movie? Yes.

Would I recommend it for a holiday pick me up? No.

Although Callum Keith Rennie is even more adorable when playing damaged characters. 🙂

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