Yes, I do wonder what it says about me that in a book about dying Gods and reincarnated heroes the scene that most stood out and annoyed me was when the two otherwise smart girls Andie and Cassie are in science class letting their male partners do all the work because they aren’t very good at science. I was never very good at science either but I didn’t discriminate between girls and guys when it came to who I let do the work for me 🙂




Athena and Hermes are trying to figure out why they are dying slowly and disgustingly when Demeter warns them of the coming war and tells them to seek out new Cassandra for help. Cassandra who got royally screwed over by the Gods way back in Troy. Needless to say Athena isn’t that hopeful. Cassie meanwhile is a psychic teenager who amuses freshman and hangs out with her super protective boyfriend, friend and brother in New York. One has to think she isn’t going to be to thrilled with the Gods return either.


This is an easy quick read and I mostly enjoyed it. It had a bit of a True Blood vibe to me (the show) in super special Cassie and the strange things that happened to her. Hera, Poseidon and Aphrodite are on the other side of the war and were so over the top to me that they weren’t exactly frightening villains but at least Athena and Hermes are my favorite Gods anyway. I really hope Athena stays the virgin Goddess to even though a romance is being set up. I did like the reincarnation angle. I mean from Troy to modern day New York I imagine that would be a rough one to take.


It does a good job of world-building and laying out the stakes but it felt so teenager to me. Which lead to the realization the Gods pretty much behaved like teenagers anyway. I know on that one it’s a personal things but when you have the Gods, reincarnation and the mess at Troy I would just expect the story to be more epic. This is one series I’ll probably read once the whole thing is complete. There’s a lot of potential in the series. I liked it but I didn’t love it. Recommend? It’s a good weekend read but not one I’d say anybody has to go out and read right at this moment.


Warnings: I hate giving spoilers away so I’ll just say there was a good deal of destructive violence throughout the book.



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