Director: Joe Wright

Grade: C

 I really wanted to see this movie for the longest time. Something about the preview just caught my attention so when the reviews were so bad I was more than a little bummed. I wound up going this week because I had a free pass so I figured why not?

 Is it as bad as critics say? Eh, probably not.

 Is it a great movie? No, definitely not.

 This is a Peter Pan origin story with Hugh Jackman as Blackbeard and Levi Miller as Pan. Miller is one of the bright spots of this movie. He’s a really good child actor and I always bought him as Peter. It’s a pretty movie.

 For some reason I would wear Tiger Lily’s costume and make-up.

 And yeah, everything else was just kind of there.

 Two big problems stood out however. One being the use of the music. By now everyone probably knows about the Smells Like Teen Spirit thing, I knew it going in and it stuck out like a sore thumb anyway. My friend, who still enjoyed the movie, put that as his number one WTF kind of moment. Doesn’t work in the movie at all.

 Also I generally find that when characters in movies ask if you’re entertained you probably don’t want the audience to say, “Not in the way you wanted.” Sorry Blackbeard.

 Second thing. Garrett Hedlund/Hook. I don’t know what was going on here. I usually like him but he was hamming it up more than Jackman. The character was all over the place. I hated the manner of speaking that he used and I really had to wonder if he wasn’t getting directed or if someone was directing him that way which is a way scarier thought.

 But I think in the end the problem was in a script that had way to much going on anyway they never, ever wanted you to forget who Hook turns into. You’re supposed to like him and root for his friendship with Pan even though he’s constantly saying he’s a liar and there were way to many anvils about the future of said friendship.

 Overall, it wasn’t horrible. I was disappointed but I’ve been spoiled recently. It also drags in places so I’m not sure if it would hold the attention of young children and there’s a lot about the fate of Peter’s mother that could potentially upset some kids.

 Recommend: Overall No. Honestly, if not for the free pass I was willing to wait until I could rent it. Which will probably be soon!


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