Wolf by Wolf


Wolf by Wolf

Author: Ryan Graudin

Genre: Alt History/ Make Me a Movie!

Grade: A

 In 1956 the Third Reich and Imperial Japan have won the war and carved up much of the world. Every year to celebrate they have an Axis Tour an endurance motorcycle race across the world and the winner gets a very special prize. A chance to meet the elusive Adolf Hitler. Competing this year is Yael, the very special survivor of the extermination camps and experiments. She’s competing as Adele Wolfe a previous champion who made some enemies and burned some bridges of her own.

 And if she wins well, the resistance has plans for when she’s close to Hitler.

 Can she pull it off?

 Can she hold off not only Luka, whose past with Adele, she isn’t entirely clear on but Adele’s brother as well?

 Can she do it all without becoming the monster so many would think her?

 I enjoyed this one so much! It was well worth the hype. Yael is a fascinating heroine. An incredibly competent survivor of great horrors who doesn’t want to become a horror. A girl who knows that the fate of the world rests with her. Once the race starts Graudin keeps the tension going and I really felt every bit of it. I cringed at her setbacks and did a little jump at her triumphs during the race.

 I think the author did a great job with Luka and Felix too. Neither one of them are all that easy to read yet their motivations and actions within the story felt very real to me. While there is chemistry romance is kept in the background.

 I have to admit my one thing about this book is that it’s apparently the first in a series. (Which I somehow didn’t know before reading!) Don’t get me wrong I’m going to read the next books but I honestly thought this would be an absolutely solid stand alone. It was so good I have faith the series will continue strong. But why does everything have to be a series these days?

 Recommend: Absolutely. Plus this would be a fantastic film!

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  1. I totally thought it was a standalone going in too! And yeah, like you said I really appreciate that the romance was in the very back background. I just loved this book so much! Great review!

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