Author: Natalia Jaster

Genre: Mature YA

Grade: A

Trick tells the story of Briar and Poet set in a world where the seasons are separate Kingdoms and while love is often freely given it’s not so much so between the social classes. At peace talks Princess Briar meets and collides with the advisor, and lead entertainer, to the King and Queen of Spring. Told from both points-of-view it’s a relationship that will change them both forever.

I was looking for something a little bit different and I’m not much for romance but man, I loved this book!

Despite the “other-worldly” setting I found it very realistic. The social class status points as well as several well-drawn bi-sexual and gay characters and a very strong part of the plot depends upon the treatment of people with mental problems. (Which in the story is not good- though several characters are trying to make it better.) There’s also a tragedy in one of the characters pasts that I found very moving because it was so believable. It’s something probably has happened to plenty of people.

All of that made the characters and the romance very believable for me. There are some mature scenes in this one. I have to admit I thought they were quite well done. Bonus points for contraception actually coming up! I also really liked the parental relationships in the book

So this isn’t one I want to give too much away but I wanted something different from my usual reads and Trick definitely fulfilled that for me.

Recommend: Yes. I’m also going to be looking to see if the author has anything else that catches the eye!

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