Mini Reviews: Allergies & Watson Make Me Grumpy


Queens of Geek

Grade: B-

I really wanted to like this one more. It’s about two friends (technically three but Jamie is pretty much relegated to saintly boy/boyfriend characterization fairly quickly) at a Comic Con like event. Charlie is an up and coming actress who meets another up and coming actress she likes and Taylor suffers from anxiety and loves Jamie.

This book is great with things like Taylor’s afflictions. Especially the anxiety- I could relate. For someone whose not as familiar with it this might be just the book for them. But I found the story, after a point, consisted mostly of conversations that sounded like deep therapy sessions sprinkled with uplifting Instagram quotes and the relationships just way to saccharine.

Recommend: 50/50. I related to the characters but really nothing about the story did it for me.



Grade: B-

I liked the fact that Lottie was a fairly vapid famous fashion blogger and her “friends” weren’t exactly great people. I was just expecting more. Like super-powered allergies. Sneezes that can render villains immobile. Snot that can melt bank vaults. Sinus migraines that can turn you into Professor X and give you the ability to read minds.

Okay, maybe that’s just my allergy prone wishful thinking. (Seriously, this Spring has not been kind to me.)

Snotgirl was a good idea with a fun setting that didn’t get interesting until the last page. I admit I’m intrigued but mostly in a can they pull this together/fix this kind of way.

Recommend: I’d wait to see how further volumes are done.


The Last of August

Grade: D

I really enjoyed A Study in Charlotte this new gender swapped Sherlock Holmes so man was I disappointed in this one. I don’t even know where to start so I’ll try to narrow it down.

Shut-up Watson.

No seriously, shut-up. I don’t remember him being so annoying in the last book. Things like being convinced Charlotte had decided to go look for cocaine because they had fought were real winners.

Also- a mystery full of holes that didn’t seem all that important.

And a cast full of mostly awful (and petty) adults who I’m repeatedly told are supposed to be these super smart people that run wars and the behind the scenes of countries who all come off as morons. I thought for a second they might pull it together at the end but that was actually the worst part.

Recommend: No. The best part was Charlotte’s way too short narration. I think this is the end of the series for me.

 Lots of new books I’ve been waiting for came out today and I’m finally starting to feel better (knock on wood) so here’s hoping for better reading ahead!

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