Wonder Woman

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Wonder Woman

Directed by: Patty Jenkins

Starring: Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Robin Wright, Danny Huston, etc.

Grade: A

Wonder Woman has been in my top three most anticipated movies of the year probably since the comic-con trailer dropped last summer. But as much as I loved her in Batman v. Superman I had been burned before with those Suicide Squad trailers. However my anticipation only went up after the reviews started coming in early this week.

Did they do her justice?

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Yes, they really did.

Gal Gadot and Chris Pine are not only great separately they have a lovely easy chemistry together. There is something about them and their banter that did strike me as very old school Hollywood. The entire cast is great. I especially liked Robin Wright as the legendary Amazon warrior Antiope and Lilly Aspell who played young Diana.

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The scenes on the island are just lovely. I never would have left. 🙂

The direction was beautiful and I enjoyed the action but this is just one of those movies where I would have sacrificed that element (and certain parts of that story) for more time with the Amazons, or the Diana is a fish out of water (very cute moments) and Diana and Steve.

In terms of the action while we’ve seen Diana going into No Man’s Land, since the first trailer I believe, the reasoning behind why she does it and the action that follows is definitely my favorite of the set pieces. It’s just very well done there and very moving. Diana is a character whose beliefs and philosophy could feel so corny in this day and age but seeing it come together and played so sincerely here makes the message stronger.

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The lasso of truth being put to good use!

I also loved the score. Diana’s theme, “Is She With You,” from Batman v. Superman is one of the ones that really stuck with me. They use it here beautifully. Themes and scores for me are one of those things that can make a movie but that I don’t know a great deal about. Only that the music moved me or annoyed me. I liked the score overall but the way they sort of rolled out her theme a little bit at a time until it went full force with all the emotion behind it totally worked for me.

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I don’t want to say more without giving away spoilers but I genuinely enjoyed this movie and I already have plans to see it again.

Recommend: Yes.

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