Sometimes You Just Want Twisted and Fun

I Hate Fairyland

I Hate Fairy Land Vol. 1

Madly Ever After

By: Scottie Young

Grade: A-

I’m a sucker for a good portal worlds story and I love Alice in Wonderland. But sometimes you just want a tale that’s twisted and gory and well, odd. Yet still kind of relatable. I mean being sucked into another world would be rather traumatic for most people.

It is for Gertrude. It’s also quiet violent and physically painful at times. Seriously, if you had any doubt this story is NOT a kids story. Gert isn’t exactly thrilled to be in fairyland in the first place but she’s told all she has to do is find the key and she’ll be able to go home. In the past that’s only taken a couple of days. Gert and her companion Larry though must be really bad at it because twenty-seven years later she’s still in fairyland.

Her mind has aged but not her body. She’s bitter, angry and lived those years on a diet of pure sugar. She’s also really tired of riddles. The people of fairyland want her out as well as she’s generally killing and wrecking havoc wherever she goes.

Fluff My Life

I Hate Fairyland Vol. 2

Fluff My Life

Grade: A

It takes a little bit to get used to Gert. I liked volume 2 a bit better because I actually think she was trying here to be not so bad. (Though that didn’t go well.) I also really love the Candyland like art, drastic and gory though it goes, in both volumes quiet. Larry and the other denizens on Fairyland are quiet enjoyable. Larry and Gert’s back and forth develops better in volume two as well. Gert kind of becomes like the cross they all have to bare.

Fairyland might not be for everyone. (Seriously, I think I just needed Gert right now.) But it was totally enjoyable. She’s kind of like Alice if she didn’t make it out of Wonderland or Vanellope gone very, very glitchy. Volume 3 is slated for the end of October and I’ll definitely be picking that one up.

Recommend: Yes. Though do keep in mind the gore and violence. It’s comic style but still Gert’s in a kids body so if that’s going to freak you out. I’d pass.


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