10 Characters Who Would Rule Social Media

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I haven’t done one of The Broke and Bookish Top Ten Tuesdays in ages but I saw this prompt and thought it looked like fun. The prompt technically is Top 10 Characters Who Would Make Great Leaders but that can be interpreted and when I saw trendsetters my mind just went to 10 characters who would totally rule Instagram/social media.

A weird amount of mine would use it to keep tab on their enemies but anyway! Characters appear in no particular order below…

Monty from A Gentleman’s Guide to Vice and Virtue

The Gentleman's Guide to Vice and Virtue

He’s handsome, rich, charming and good with people. Plus he’s always getting into lots of trouble. The life of the party and generally fashionable. He might lose interest after awhile but until then he’d be all over it.

Nina from Six of Crows & Crooked Kingdom

six of crows

This is one where I can’t help but think all of the characters would use it to keep tabs on their enemies (and friends) and plan whatever heists they need to pull off but Nina has the ability and nature to really connect and be good with it. She’d have more followers than any of the crew.

Thor & Loki (counting them as three and four)

Thor and Loki

Even putting aside all their social media like attributes. Good-looking, charming Gods and you know they’d use it to troll everyone and especially each other.

R2-D2 Star Wars


Speaking of trolls I think this one here could potentially out troll Loki. I know he’s a robot and all but come on! He’s smarter than most people, likes to break the rules and has a great sense of humor. He’d drive C3PO nuts!

Missandei from Game of Thrones


She’s intelligent, speaks several languages, charming, lovely and well-dressed. Bonus points for her handsome boyfriend and on top of all that she travels the world as the advisor to a Queen with dragons whose gone and hooked up with a popular Northern boy. Why not Dany? Missandei’s just generally better with people in my opinion. Though maybe someone could convince her to troll Cersei.

Every Disney Princess

Elsa and Anna
Stylish and royal.

For a lot of the same reasons. I mean I haven’t seen every Disney Princess movie but they all seem the same. Cute. Hyper verbal. Easy to relate to (minus the whole royalty thing though that’s a bonus to I would imagine). Great clothes and usually a Prince and a funny sidekick. Plus they would have some really good stories to tell. Probably they could just ask their fairy Godmothers for excellent social media status.

One of Lada’s Men

Now I Rise

I went back and forth on this. Lada would use it to spy on her enemies but she’d get frustrated to quickly and probably try to destroy anyone who writes a nasty comment on one of her posts. Radu would perpetually be distracted by whatever Mehmed was liking on social media. So definitely something Lada would wind up delegating to one of her crew.


Frankenstein’s Monster from Frankenstein

I’m not sure what kind of things or language he’d pick up on social media. But he’s smart. He wants to be accepted and around others. He wants to learn things. And this way you don’t have to deal with people being terrified of him so perhaps making him happier and laying off the murder.

Sam from Lord of the Rings

Sam from Lord of the Rings

I can’t help but feel like while Sam wouldn’t necessarily like social media he’d be a highly successful advice and motivational blog. Everything from PTSD, war stories, dealing with your friends questionable choices, politics, friendship (naturally), travel and adventure, and sadly grief. Plus he’d have his Instagram full of his adorable family and throwbacks with him and the fellowship.

So I was kind of loosely interpreting the whole “Leader” theme yes but those are my ten choices for characters that would kill it on social media. (Although I do think a lot of them would be good leaders.)  Those are my choices!


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