March Wrap-Up: I Read, I Shopped, I Stressed

March Recap

Well, that’s March in the can.

It started out quiet enough. The last couple weeks have been pretty busy but I managed to keep reading and stay stressed. As you can see I also broke my no more Pop Funko rule. But Treebeard… and I had to have the Exclusive Amy Pond… for like reasons…

TV wise?

Dolores in Westworld

Breathlessly awaiting the return of Westworld for Season 2. That happens April 22nd. Seriously, if that was out right now I would binge the whole thing.

Movie wise?

March Movies

It was okay. I saw ten total movies and wrote about:

Three Billboards

Tomb Raider

Funny Face

Game Night was cute. I’m a big Rachel McAdams fan but I think there was one part where it should have ended. Still it was a fun way to pass a morning. I really just wanted Red Sparrow to end. I rewatched Spiderman Homecoming for the first time since it’s theater release and I have to admit I liked it better this time!

In April I’m looking forward to The Quiet Place and of course the big one Infinity Wars! Death of Stalin is finally playing at the theater by house and naturally I don’t know if I’m going to be able to get to that one.

Books, ah. Books:


march books

I finished sixteen books in March Honor Among Thieves, Erotic Tales for Punjabi Widows and The Astonishing Color of After were all standouts.  I managed to finish the Illuminae Files series and wound up starting two more.

Did not really like By a Charm and a Curse or This Mortal Coil.

My reading has been a bit all over the place with regards to content but I actually find I’m enjoying reading over all more even though I also think I’m getting harder on some books.

I also purchased a book journal called A Novel Companion from Little Inklings Design Etsy shop because there is nothing I enjoy more than keeping track of all things concerning my reading (using it for movies and shows to)…

a novel companion

a novel companion two

Luckily there’s not a lot of new releases in April that really struck me. (I think I may have accidentally wound up with two copies of Circe but that’s okay to. One to donate!) So hopefully April will be catching up on some of my TBR and checking out some authors that I’ve been meaning to read for a while but just never have gotten to!

I hope everyone had a magnificent March and that April ahead is awesome!

7 thoughts on “March Wrap-Up: I Read, I Shopped, I Stressed

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  1. There’s a Treebeard Funko? Wow that thing looks amazing.

    Wow you’ve seen a lot of movies. I’m kind of looking forward to Westworld S2 as well. I was so disappointed last season that we didn’t get more info in the finale, I wanted to know SO much more, but of course they can’t give us everything! This season looks great!

  2. The trailer looks so cinematic! I can’t wait until the 22nd but I hope your right and we do get more information. I think they have to at this point!

  3. You had such a great month! Westworld is on my to watch list and I’m so so excited for Infinity War. I can’t wait to read Honour Among Thieves as well.

  4. Ooo, i didn’t realise Westworld is coming so soon!
    I mean, i already completely forgot what happened season 1, but thought s2 will happen later this year.

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