Most Likely To: The Avengers Edition

Infinity War Title Card

In honor of this weeks big release & because I was looking it up anyway I thought I’d play a little game of Most Likely To Avengers Edition! I’ve never played the game before so I borrowed these questions specifically from Lifehacks website.

Most Likely to Be a Drama Queen:

There were a couple that could have worked for this at several times throughout the movies quite frankly but I went with:

Bruce Banner

When things get bad he simply up and leaves the planet.

Cry in the Twilight Movies:

Tony Stark

I don’t know why but after Civil War and Homecoming I feel like Tony’s super sentimental recently. He’s made up with Pepper. Peter’s the same age as the Twilight kids (Bella and Jacob anyway.) I think he’d cry. Happy would to. Pepper would pretend not to see.

Try to Hold Their Breath the Longest:

Scott Lang aka Paul Rudd

Not going to lie after a whole movie about how he wanted to stay close to his daughter it still annoys me how quickly he jumped at the chance to go fight Cap’s battles in Civil War.

Most Likely to Sleep Naked:

Thor and Loki for the win

They are Gods after all.

I also think Vision would sleep naked. Or possibly in his costume. I just don’t really see clothes mattering to Vision.

Most Likely to Have Weird Phobias:

Samuel Jackson as Nick Fury

I bet Nick Fury has fears most people wouldn’t even be able to fathom.

Embarrass themselves in front of a Crush:

Steve Rogers and Thanos

It’s been years since Peggy (literally decades) and I don’t think he had any interest in (or chemistry with Sharon- sorry) if Captain ever finds interest in anyone again I like to think he’d be all awkward and silly.

There are a couple of other characters that you could say already do… Quill usually stumbles around Gamora (at least when talking about that), T’Challa froze with Nakia in the beginning, Hope makes Scott relatively hopeless so I went with Steve.

Mostly Likely to Accidentally Kill…

the avengers team up

The Avengers as a whole would like us to move on from this question.

Die in the Zombie Apocalypse:


Drax. I don’t know why but he was literally the first person that came to mind. Peter would tell him something about the zombies as a joke that he took seriously and then he’d get bit.

Secretly Believe they Can Talk to Animals:

Hawkeye aka Clint Barton

I like to think Clint is hanging out on his farm and he actually is talking to animals but he’s never told anyone because he doesn’t want his gift to be turned into a weapon. Clint if how they can introduce Squirrel Girl into the larger MCU!

Write the Untold Behind the Scenes Truth about the Avengers:

Groot and Rocket

Groot’s the one whose watching everything & remembering but Rocket will be the one to jazz it all up and make it commercial.

Most Likely to Become President:

Letitia Wright as Shuri

I was going back and forth between T’Challa and Natasha trying to decide which one would edge the other out when I realized… Shuri! She’s brilliant and so far has probably displayed the most level head in the MCU regardless of her age.

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  1. “Avengers edition” definitely caught my eye! Can’t believe the movie releases THIS WEEK. wow. anyway I like the Ruffalo pick for drama queen ha! Lol about Vision (eww) and the Thor boys (I guess Loki’s not really a Thor boy but whatever), and I think I agree about Steve (although I kinda like the possibilities him with Sharon?). Shuri=awesome.

      1. She definitely hasn’t had much time to make an impression. I wouldn’t mind seeing more of her but I don’t think it’s going to be a priority for them with everything else going on! Oh well 🙂

  2. 😂😂😂 That was fun to read. I enjoy watching Avengers and am looking forward to seeing this new one sometime very soon.

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