My Movie Going Rules

leonard, howard and raj at star wars

A big part of me wants to talk Avengers Infinity Wars but I also think I need to give it a few more days to settle, give other people a chance to see it and maybe see it again. I enjoyed the film but I want to do spoilers so I’ll wait πŸ™‚

I love to watch movies. I love to watch them on the big screen, But I do wish it could be like reading a book. Uninterrupted. Quiet. And with a pause so I can use the restroom and get food whenever I wanted. Since that’s impossible I’ve been known to try to control the experience where I can.

And here I would like to say how much I appreciate the friends and family that still go to see films with me!

I always get the aisle seat & that seat has to be in the center section of the theater.

sheldon picking seats

I’m with Sheldon. The right spot is of the utmost experience and I’m not kidding but things happen when I don’t get the aisle. I get stepped on and tripped over no matter where my feet are. People spill things on me. And I know that guy who tried to sit on my saw me! He saw my friend on the aisle!

I also said, “Hey watch it!”

On the good side I’m always willing to go early, stand in line and secure that so it’s a trade-off for everyone.

No Talking During the Film

This seems obvious.

Sheldon Cooper
Sheldon always talks during films.

If You Violate the above byΒ asking for spoilers and I know them…

I will tell you.

Acceptable During Previews:




Michael Fassbender needs a better agent.

They really are running out of ideas, aren’t they?

Questionable thing a Date Once Said during a Film:

“You remind me of her.”

Unfortunately, that film was Black Swan and I spent the rest of the movie wondering what the hell he meant by that…

howard and leonard see suicide squad

I Never Eat During a Film

Anyone else can but this stems from the fact I nearly choked to death on popcorn and this woman behind me yelled at me to keep it down or go outside. (Okay, maybe it wasn’t to death. But it was scary and she was super mean.) So no food after the film starts.

Which actually saves me money so another benefit!

I don’t care how cute you are or how hard you flirt- you want to cut the line you better be Tom Hardy and even then I probably won’t fall for it.

I can’t believe that Infinity War is finally out and more amazingly we are days away from May. It’s nearly May! I hope everyone has a great weekend!