Wrapping up the OWLS

Hermione Granger

April’s Magical Readathon ended yesterday (29th). The event was hosted by the Youtuber G at Book Roast. I did 8 1/2 half O.W.L.s & staying on brand did not really stick to my stated TBR so book/ OWL wrap up to follow…


I read Circe for my Charms Owl (Fantasy) & absolutely loved it 100% recommend.

Same with The Humans

the humans

Though I used that one about aliens and a secret assassin as Defense against the Dark Arts.

the tommyknockers

The Tommyknockers covered Astronomy (Sci-Fi) it could have worked for Defense against the Dark Arts- alien invasion. But after nearly a thousand pages I knew I wasn’t going to fit in another sci-fi in the time period.

After not having a clue what to pick up with a Prophecy for Divination (without reading a HP book again) I found Heart of Darkness by Ashley Poston actually did have a prophecy!

Heart of Darkness
Love the purple trimmed pages!

It’s loosely based on the Anastasia Romanov/ Anna Anderson story set in space. It was a fun book and I liked it a little better than Geekerella. It worked well because I wound up substituting my original pick for History of Magic and reading…

I Was Anastasia

It was a very Anastasia kind of month I suppose.

Bad Feminist

Bad Feminist

Took the place of my original Muggle Studies pick Slice Harvester which is about pizza and I swear I’m going to read it one day- it’s just I can’t have pizza right now so I didn’t want to make myself miserable! Yeah, that’s my excuse.

I really liked this book and finally reading Roxane Gay did make me do a list of all those authors I’ve been meaning to read for ages so it was a Muggle Studies bonus!

Care of Magical Creatures went to Elsewhere Vol. 1

amelia earhart in elsewhere

Because if it’s not in my actual dimension it counts as a magical creature. Again enjoyed this one and would highly recommend.

Lastly after way overthinking needing to find a book with symbols on the cover all the while staring at this one…

the wicked deep

Hey, the moon, the star a bird. All symbols! I’m counting it. This one is about three sisters drowned as witches who come back from the sea every summer to drown some boys in return and I… I had some issues with this one. I don’t know if I can write a review because it mainly involves spoilers. But I might. Well, written but parts of it really bugged.

My pick for Transfiguration was…

the trials of morrigan crow

I am about halfway through this one about a “cursed” girl who gets chosen to go off to a magical school provided she can pass the tests- really like it so far but I can’t believe I let this go last. A talking cat! Transfiguration- my favorite class! Things definitely got away from me near the end of the readathon.

I did not get a chance to read for Arithmancy or Herbology and I never could come up with a book for Potions- but otherwise I’m happy with my amount of O.W.L.S mostly enjoyed and would recommend the books and would totally participate in this readathon again!

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    1. Honestly, I think it’s a worthy read for the writing. I was actually impressed with some of the execution in some places especially. It was just after I started thinking about some of the implications that bugged. But really hard to go into it without spoilers… But if you’re interested I’d say check it out!

  1. I’ve seen a few good reviews for Circe now… somehow that one slipped under my radar but now I’m thinking I need to add it.

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