Family is the F Word: Deadpool 2

Deadpool 2 title card

Deadpool 2

Directed By: David Leitch

Grade: B (ish)

Wade Wilson (Deadpool) is the only thing standing between a killer from the future known as Cable (Josh Brolin) an a troubled teenage mutant. Will he grow a heart in time to save the kid? Will he be able to find the help he needs? Will he finally make a go of it with best friend Colossus?

Was this movie a little grosser than the first one?

deadpool x force pose

The violence didn’t bother me so much because unfortunately I’m fairly desensitized but there was an abundance of gross body stuff in this one. Deadpool is blown up. He’s ripped in half at one point. We see it all. Bodies fall and break in gross ways. Necks do things they shouldn’t. One dude is decapitated by a falling cabinet.

My friend says the first one was just as bad but I don’t remember cringing so much.

Beware of sensitive stomachs.

Cable eye

I must admit to that I didn’t find this one as funny as the first one. I know Deadpool is the star Deadpool is who everyone wants to see but there were times when I felt like whatever he was spouting off needed to be cut in half lose a few lines… let someone else do it. Anything.

Reynolds is still great as Wade and he does get to do some good emotional beats in this film. There’s one part in the rain chasing a bad guy… really good moment. Actually the whole cast is top-rate.

Absolutely loved Domino not only did I think Zazie Beetz killed it how they played the Luck as a superpower thing was nicely done. She did not get nearly enough to do in this movie.

Zazie Beetz as Domino

And Julian Dennison was good to as Russell (the young targeted mutant.) Comedy wise he more than held his own with Reynolds and he was pretty good at the emotional beats as well. I’ve only ever seen him in Hunt for the Wilderpeople but based on that I wasn’t surprised.

Story wise?

It’s kind of hard to talk about without giving away spoilers but they do something in the beginning that really annoyed me it was so typical and I totally expected it.

Julian Dennison as Russell in Deadpool 2

But then on the other hand they did far more than I expected with Cable and the whole villain elements of the story. (Maybe that’s in the comics but the only thing I know about comics Cable is who his parents are- not touched on in this film by the way.) Yet Cable also makes a decision I’m not entirely sure I bought.

Yeah, this film is very split down the middle for me.

Wade Wilson feeling up Colossal
I still love this friendship!

Overall I did enjoy the film. There were a couple of solid laughs (the most solid for me being the end credits) also the cast was first rate and I liked to the family and teamwork message. For all of the humor Wade Wilson is- at times- the most sincere of superheroes. Go figure.

Recommend: Yes. Not as funny as the first but a good way to spend time nonetheless.

10 thoughts on “Family is the F Word: Deadpool 2

  1. I think there’s something just so relatable and human about Wade- despite his power- that it works even if the humor/action/ whatever doesn’t always hit the mark! I just wish there was less…bodies being torn apart this time around 🙂

  2. I can’t wait to see this one! I just watched the 1st one again last night in anticipation. 💖💖. I figure it won’t be as good as the 1st one.. But, that’s okay! 😉

  3. Good review. I liked this one a bit more than the first – and enjoyed both. Deadpool is such a nice change of pace from the more serious superhero movies that now come out monthly. And I really liked the mid-credits scene, particularly because it provided a nice preemptive spoof of the expected plot for Avengers 4!

    1. Thanks! I do think Deadpool/Wade is such an important character to the whole superhero genre right now. For all the fourth wall breaking, over the top violence and humor he’s probably the most relatable and sincere of them all! I’ve been trying to figure out whether I put that down to character, writing or letting us recognize and even laugh at the flaws of the genre as a whole. 🙂 Anyway! Thanks!

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