Ant-Man, the Wasp & the Super Rude People

ant-man and the wasp

Ant-Man and the Wasp

Directed By: Peyton Reed

Grade: B

So I saw Ant-Man on the Wasp last week. We actually went on Thursday night which is very rare. Then I came home and wrote what turned into a long rant not about the movie but about rude people in theaters and how they had come close to ruining the experience for me.

So let me just say I’m fine with kids in movies. Most of them don’t misbehave. Parents know their kids right? But if you’ve got a kid (who looked about 3) who is talking loudly (and you have to repeatedly loudly hush them) from the beginning- if they finally hit the crescendo and start crying right as the movie hits the big emotional beats… They need to be removed. And please don’t let them walk themselves down the stairs while still screaming and stand in the back still screaming until another family members comes down.

Just take them out.

Or maybe don’t bring them to see a movie on what’s essentially a pre-opening night where you know people are likely going to be highly interested in you know, watching the movie.

Also adults congratulations on silencing your ringers like the M&M’s have told you. You know what’s also annoying? Constantly checking your texts without even bothering to dim the screen (and this has been happening a lot recently.) And none of these people ever leave so I doubt their all worried about things or having emergencies! I’ve never understood the whole cellphone thing. We would write up so many people at work because they just couldn’t follow the rules and leave them alone until break! You can’t sit through a two hour movie without repeatedly texting with the full on light?

anger explodes

I guess I’m still annoyed.

But how was Ant-Man and the Wasp?

I liked it.

Paul Rudd is not aging Tom Cruise style. Starting to get a little freaked out.

I actually find the de-aging process they keep doing a little weird. Also Michelle Pfeiffer has always been beautiful but I think she looks better now honestly.

Evangeline Lilly kicked ass as I knew she would.

Hannah John-Kamen as Ghost

Ghost was actually a really interesting character and Hannah John-Kamen also kicked ass.

Luis (Michael Pena) should meet the Guardians of the Galaxy because him and Drax telling stories would be hysterical. I love how Luis just goes with the flow including living with a giant ant.

Action scenes all looked good. Performances were good. (There’s a scene in which Rudd is actually being someone else that he just nailed and that one could have gone off the marks easily. He doesn’t get enough credit for his work.) Scott and Hope have great chemistry but I also appreciate that the whole cast just really gels together. I like the family vibe angry dad thing with Hank (Michael Douglas) and Scott. Also Cassie- I could see her growing up and taking on more of her comic role.

evangeline lilly as the wasp
Bring me all the Wasp merchandise!

The Quantum Realm stuff looked good and I’m guessing it’s going to play a huge role in the next Avengers movie!


I didn’t think the funny always hit the mark. When it did it was mostly character interaction that did it for me and not the actual over-the-top jokey stuff. Also some of the science stuff was a little like- didn’t they change the rules here? How is this working?  I would have liked a bit more explanation on that.

rudd and lilly in ant-man and the wasp

Recommend: Yes. Overall I really enjoyed it. Despite the fact that I occasionally wanted to grow to 60-feet and kick everyone the hell out of the theater so I could watch it in peace.

11 thoughts on “Ant-Man, the Wasp & the Super Rude People

  1. Wow I hate that. Who takes a 3 yr old to a movie anyway? Movies are so loud and kids that young- I mean are they gonna enjoy it? Probabyl not. Find a babysitter lol.

    Glad it was good though 🙂

    1. Right? Or hit it on a weekday morning when the audience maybe might not be that interested. Poor kid also freaked out during the Meg preview so I seriously hope they’ve crossed that one of the list of things to take their 3-year old to 🙂

  2. Oh no… I’m so sorry that spoiled your movie! I hate that as well. Movies are so expensive to get into and it’s amazing to me that people are rude like that! Bringing kids and not taking them outside if they’re loud is just selfish. Ugh!

    When I saw Ant-Man over the weekend, we had someone sitting behind me that smelled SO bad. I felt awful, but I couldn’t breathe!! After a while I finally got used to it. But when I left to hit the bathroom and came back in, the entire theater smelled horrible!!

    1. Oh that is dreadful! And what do you say to someone? Like I’m sorry you stink you’re actually ruining my experience! I could never. Reminds me of one time I looked over and saw that the person behind me had decided to take off his shoes and put his feet up on my armrest. Like I know it’s dark and you want to get comfortable people but it’s not actually your home!

      1. Right?! I felt HORRIBLE that I kept coughing. It was killing my asthma! But of course I’d never dare say anything. Who knows what that poor person was going through. EW! Putting bare feet on the chair in front of you is totally over the line!! Ew!!

  3. I will never forget trying to watch Pirates of the Caribbean while smelling the dirty diaper of the baby behind me. I love kids, but they don’t belong in a movie theater. I’m with you!

    1. A dirty diaper! Ew. I love kids myself but I would be so down with my theater imposing some kind of rules or having kid free shows. I actually told them that to!

      1. Haha! Me too! I thought shows after 10 we’re supposed to be kid free. I guess that was just where I grew up. Definitely not where I live now. But I’d wait till late at night to go if I could be guaranteed a kid-free experience.

  4. Your post really brought home to me why I don’t go to the cinema anymore unless it’s a real must see on the big screen. People really can spoil the experience. It comes down to the individuals — it’s a free world, they’re making the choice to go to the cinema. But why? Why pay to sit in a dark room and text people? It’s baffling, and frustrating.
    I am glad to hear you enjoyed Ant-man and the Wasp despite the distractions. I’ll probably watch it at home if only to catch up with Michelle Pfeiffer.

    1. Yes! I never understood that either. Going to the movies these days is not a cheap proposition (even on “discount” shows) twitter will be there after the film! I’m looking forward to seeing the movie again at home & catching the things I might have missed!

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