July Recap: Some of this is Relevant!

july recap

July has come and gone. It’s almost Fall! Okay not really. August and September actually tend to be the most miserable of months in Southern California but I’m looking on the bright side here. Fall candles are out. Back to school shopping has started and the year is going by so fast I’ll blink and we’ll be changing the clocks.

I watched 10 films in July. A lot of them were old favorites like Jurassic Park, Sneakers and Aeon Flux. I wanted to see if they were still favorites. (Mostly they were.)

I also watched The Breadwinner which was an amazing beautiful film. And Infinity War is now streaming so Tony and Peter can break my heart continuously now. (Horrible thought though if Part 2 plays out like I think neither Tony and Peter or Steve and Bucky will ever see each other again!) 🙁

Rocket the Rabbit in Infinity War
I’m sad to Rocket!

I only saw Ant-Man and the Wasp and Mission Impossible: Fallout in theaters and enjoyed them both. It’s been talked about how Tom Cruise continues not to age but really neither does Paul Rudd. My friend pointed out that they kind of look alike to. I have a theory they’ve been manufactured as some sort of AI/alien thing to take over the universe.

Which if that’s the case I’d like to request one of my own please…

Shameless I know 🙂 But it is his birthday so…

And I would totally be on board with the take-over.

Speaking of people I’d like my own versions of Emmy Nominations came out this month and pretty much the only one I cared about, the only one I completely geeked out over is Nikolaj Coster-Waldau getting nominated for Jaime Lannister.

He should have bloody won for season three but that’s typical of Hollywood award shows. But then I got sucked into watching The Crown

Me: I have no desire to watch this show….

Me: Well, I’ll probably watch when Olivia and Helena take over the roles in season three.

Starts watching with my mom.

Me: Why can’t I stop watching this show?

Matt Smith as Prince Phillip
Plus he’ll probably bring Lily to the ceremony and I love everything she wears so bonus!

And seriously if Matt Smith (Prince Phillip) is as good in season two as he has been in season one then he deserves to win it.

So naturally that means they’ll give it to Peter Dinklage again.

No offense to Tyrion fans but Dinklage has two and that character (whom I used to adore) has been annoying me ever since he announced he was, “the gift.” Dany deserves an award for not feeding him to the dragons last season. But I’ve digressed.

Definitely checkout The Crown and go Matt, Nikolaj and Vanessa Kirby at Emmy time!

Finally books…

Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 11.09.37 AM

I actually was reasonable with the book buying this month to. Until the last couple of days. And Book Depository must be shipping my orders from the North Pole or something so I’m not even counting that.

Challenge going well. I finished 21 books this month. 2 children’s collections, 2 books of shorts stories, 1 book of essays and 1 reread and 1 audible book. Plus I’m not sure what to classify It’s Your Universe as self-help? Inspirational? Biographical?

I also read 2 highly anticipated releases in Spinning Silver and Bright We Burn which concluded the Conquerers Saga. (Oh my God I finished another series!) Spinning Silver was probably the biggest disappointment of the month.

Favorites include A Thousand Beginnings and Endings as well as The Complete Tales of Winnie-the-Pooh and Half a King by Joe Abercrombie the first in a (oh my God! I started another) series.

I also really enjoyed The Last Time I Lied by Riley Sager and Sky in the Deep by Adrienne Young.

That’s pretty much all my obsessions for July. I had something of a reading plan for August but literally already breaking it. Go me! I think the heats starting to get to me 🙂 Possibly going to start writing Aquaman fan fiction or a dream Emmy’s scenario where both Matt and Nikolaj win. Probably should get ready for work though!

Happy August to Everyone!

12 thoughts on “July Recap: Some of this is Relevant!

  1. Don’t say that about Infinity War! Ack part 4 is gonna kill me, I think. Jurassic Park is the bomb. Ooh Aeon Flux- I don’t think I ever saw the movie version of that.

    The Complete tales of Winnie the Pooh! Nice. And Sky in the deep was pretty good…

    Aquaman fan fiction lol.

  2. Sounds like you had a great July!! Matt Smith’s eyebrows (or lack there-of) always freak me out!! He always looks like his face is melting! (I’M SORRY!!) 😂😂 21 BOOKS?! That’s amazing!! I should really get on my Goodreads and update.. I’m pretty sure I’ve been “currently reading” the same 25 books for a couple of months now! 😉

    1. Okay, I never noticed the lack of eyebrows (though now I probably will!) but even when he was Doctor Who there’s just something… sinister? Probably not the right word but it works as Phillip.

      1. Yes. He definitely has a.. Sinister? Kind of face!! (I can’t think of a better word, either!) he almost has a caveman look to him at times!! (maybe it’s the lack of eyebrows paired with a prominent brow) 😂😂

  3. Wow, your reading challenge is going really well! <3
    I was looking at mine the other day and it's going fine, and i'm even nearly there and was debating whether i should raise the target (from 75) but then i thought i might just put myself under pressure.

    I really like Last Time I Lied as well – apart from the ending that was totally hollywood for me 😀

  4. Nikolaj should have won an award for season 3 no doubt. I can’t believe Alfie Allen hasn’t received a nom once? Why did Kit Harrington keep receiving nominations and Emilia Clarke too? She’s hit and miss sometimes. Lena Headey, Maisie Williams, Peter Dinklage, Nikolaj CW & Alfie Allen have been the most consistent. I do disagree about Tyrion though, I think he still hasn’t gotten over his dad and Shae. That’s a lot to go through. He’s not as smart as he has usually been as we saw with Casterly Rock but give it time. I think he’ll be back on his feet when the GW is over.

    1. Alfie Allen definitely. He should have had it for season 2 for sure and Nikolaj for season 3! I don’t remember know if Maisie’s ever been nominated at all. I think like with a lot of these award shows the people just tick off the names they know and Dany and Jon are probably the most recognize characters with Tyrion. That’s what hurt Alfie I think. 🙂

  5. I just rewatched Jurassic Park with my husband, because somehow he never saw it as a kid. I have no idea how that happened, but we were both pleasantly surprised with how it held up. Although now I’m just like yay, Laura Dern, you’re amazing, you teach those guys!

    1. I think the part with the T-Rex when she firsts busts out of the cage is just so damned good. And it wasn’t cheap either. I mean even though I know it’s coming I always find myself on the edge of my seat. And yeah Laura Derns, “Dinosaur eats man women inherit the earth.” Still one of my favorite lines!

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