Happy Birthday Harry… a Tag & a Ramble

harry potter tag

I was tagged by the awesome blogger Sophia Ismaa in the Harry Potter Tag! And since today (July 31st) is Harry’s birthday it seemed like fortuitous timing. Also now I can totally (and completely unjustifiably) pat myself on the back and tell myself I’m working on tags.

So below I answer the questions and possibly ramble about Harry. FYI I took the Pottermore quiz to answer the first three questions in said tag.



(I’m fine with any of the houses but yeah!)


my patronus

It’s a Stallion!


my wand

I wonder what happens if you always lose or misplace your wand?


Oh boy, would that be spiders. The only thing Ron and I have ever agreed on. (Well, besides Hermione being awesome.)

Quidditch Position

Probably Chaser. Keeper and Seeker is way to much pressure and I don’t think I have the aim to be a Beater.

Job after Graduating:

Ah, I would insist upon staying at Hogwarts as a librarian. The books. The feasts. The chance to mold the minds of new generations of witches and wizards. The castle. Yeah. I’m never leaving.

Which Deathly Hallow would I choose?

Invisibility Cloak.

And now my indecision kicks in…

Favorite Book:

I love them all for different reasons. But 3-7 are all tops 🙂

Least Favorite Book:

If I really, really had to chose I’d probably say:

chamber of secrets

But then again this is where we meet Dobby for the first time and Lockhart is always so much fun! Maybe the Philosopher’s Stone but then that’s literally the book that introduces us to the world!

Favorite Film

harry and hermione get caught

Okay Goblet of Fire edges out others because I loved seeing the other two schools. But also Harry is such an interesting story you’re taking what seems at first like a children’s book (okay, is) and as the kids get older the story gets darker and darker and a world that expands and themes that get bigger, etc.

Those things do not always translate to the film even when they do work in a book.

Goblet of Fire showed me that the films and the actors were capable of pulling that off.

Least Favorite Film

Eh, if I had to chose I’d probably say one. The world set-up is great but after the first couple of visits you just want to jump back into it!

Favorite Character

Hermione Granger

It’s probably an obvious popular answer but she’s practically an icon at this point for a reason. I also love Luna, Minerva, Rita Skeeter, Fleur, Mad Eye, Hagrid, Draco, Neville and so on and so forth.

Least Favorite Character

ron weasley

I definitely thing Ron got more annoying as he got older. It’s kind of weird to- I don’t remember disliking him as much the first time around as my recent reread.

Unpopular Opinions:

Hm, I didn’t care about Ginny that much in the books or the films.

Umbridge was the better villain. Bellatrix is only popular for that one kill at the end of Phoenix (justifiably though).

Tonks and Lupin both going was bullshit.

Why a twin? Why?

“Mad-Eye” changing Draco into an animal for trying to curse Harry when he had his back turned was too much fun! I don’t care if if was wrong 🙂

I wish Sirius and Snape worked together. They had a lot in common and were both grief-stricken and unable to put the past behind them and move on.

So those are my answers! Again thanks for tagging me 🙂 It’s always fun to revisit the world even if only for a couple of minutes!






21 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Harry… a Tag & a Ramble”

  1. I didn’t care for Ginny either. It felt too random for her to end up with Harry. If a ship had to happen, I would’ve preferred a Hermione/Harry pairing, but I don’t think that’s a very popular opinion either.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah. I’m never leaving. – 😂
      Yay, another Gryffindor. Though you might not like Ginny, a bay stallion from the patronus meaning description is strikingly similar to a horse, so you’re more alike than you think. 😉
      I will never understand why everyone is so in love with Hermione (I feel like an oddball) but I guess those of us who are team Luna’s are the complete opposites of the Hermione’s of the world and that’s just the simplest way of putting it.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Luna is totally my second favorite though 🙂 I really love them all (well…) It’s such an odd thing with Harry Potter it’s like friends you went to school with yourself or something. So hard to pick!

        Liked by 2 people

      2. Luna is almost flawless. I think you’re just a bit nicer and flexible with who you like which is really cool, and I’m thinking in terms of realistically who would I, as an individual, would have fun with and get along with… and I just don’t want to be nagged by Hermione.

        Liked by 1 person

    2. No, Ginny & Harry made complete sense and they had the same sense of humour. In GoF and DH, while Harry loves her as a friend, there was no fun… he was getting bored. He missed Ron, that’s your indication that he likes more extroverted people.

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      1. Oh, I totally get my opinion isn’t the mainstream. But can’t really help how you feel, I guess. Perhaps I would’ve been happier with a Harry / Ron ship. Or a Harry / Luna ship. I just wasn’t happy with Ginny, and so resorted to imaginary pairings. I guess that’s what fanfic is for!

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    1. Umbridge is so real and so bloody righteous about it all. One of my favorite moments in Deathly Hallows is when Harry’s confronting her at the trials, “You’re lying Dolores,” they did a great job with that because you could still feel how much Harry still loathed her in ways I don’t think he could for Voldemort or Bellatrix. (Although his emotions to them were probably more caught up in who they took from him.)


  2. Umbridge is the worst (best?) villain!! She is truly horrible! I hated her more than I hated Voldemort! I think Belatrix is also popular because she is played by Helena Bonham Carter who did a really good job! Great rant and answers!

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  3. Why is everyone a Gryffindor? I don’t find Slytherins anywhere?! Ron is your least favourite character?! NO!

    “Hm, I didn’t care about Ginny that much in the books or the films.” Well, THANK YOU! I hated Ginny!

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