A Monster Hunting Heroine Has Arrived

trail of lighning

Trail of Lightning

By: Rebecca Roanhorse

Grade: B

Maggie Hoskie is a bad ass monster killer who may also be a monster herself. Truth be told I’m not sure if that’s a literal or figurative thing yet. Though I’m going with something your asshole ex-boyfriend tells you being more bullshit than anything she certainly thinks she a monster.

Also I always want to drop an E in lightning. Even when the proper spelling is right in front of me.

Anyway welcome the the Sixth World series (book 1) where the world at large is flooded and we are on Dinétah land (Navajo.) The new world is full of monsters. And the same old assholes. But that’s beside the point. We follow Maggie and her new partner Kai as they hunt for the creature behind the creation of some flesh-eating monsters currently stalking the land.

Monster or not Maggie is good at pissing people off. Though we also meet a great group of potential friends and co-warriors.

Also we meet an evil kitty and go to an ‘evil kitty lair’ which just getting to use that line might be my favorite part of the book.

I really loved the world-building in this novel. The cultural representation and the myths and legends. To be honest I know next to nothing about them and found myself Googling and looking up a whole lot of things. But that’s what makes it part of the experience. While Maggie is a little hard to feel for at times (I think she’s suppose to be) there’s Kai and a lively supporting cast. Including Coyote- a trickster type character whom I’d love to see more of in the future.

Who don’t I want to see more of?

Neizgháni. The ex-boyfriend. When he finally did show up I immediately thought please go away and later please, no love triangle. Ugh.

While a lot of Trail of Lightning does have to be seen as set-up and introduction to a new series and a new world it was enjoyable though the conclusion a bit a muddled. I’m also not sure how I feel about the “super healer” character who seemingly beats death. That can feel like a lack of stakes for the good guys really quickly.

So despite those little issues I feel like Maggie, Roanhorse’s fast-paced style and truly a whole new world to explore full of potential makes the book worthwhile. But please just let Maggie be done with Neizgháni unless she needs to smack him around from time to time.

Recommend: Yes. 

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  1. Looks good. I saw another review where the reiewer LOVED Coyote, and I’ll admit made me curious for this. Plus just the premise and Navajo setting. Definitely adding this one…

  2. FanFiAddict just reviewed this and also really enjoyed it. If both of you liked it, I have to have it. Ordered and on its way. 😀

    Have a Great Weekend,


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