Psychos & Family: September Recap

september recap

I’ve been looking forward to October to start my scary fun reading/viewing month but looking back on September it was a bit filled with psychos anyway. So maybe I got a head start?

September was also an extreme month…

My neighbor up the street shot and killed his brother-in-law and injured his sister. So there were police and crazy things like that all day. Apparently it was related to weapons charges or something. My neighborhood is usually a nice quiet place and I don’t really know (or want to honestly) any of my neighbors. But yeah, I do walk sometimes now wondering which ones have the arsenals.

On the good side I had a surprise visit from family! Including my nephew and my mother which I didn’t expect to see them until Thanksgiving so yeah! I took him to the bookstore and told him to pick out any book he wanted. He went for a $65 Nightmare Before Christmas Book…

So I got to use the phrase my parents always used on me, “Christmas is coming. Maybe Santa will bring it. Pick out something else.”


emma stone in maniac
Emma Stone in Maniac

I was really looking forward to Maniac but after getting through two episodes I just thought eh. Bored. I’ve been told it picks up and from the trailers it must. I’m currently watching The Crown Season 2 and The Alienist. I might give Maniac another try but who knows because The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina is coming this month as well and I am super into witches these days.


Mostly this month I’ve been rewatching stuff. I did get to see Jurassic Park in theaters and it’s still the best. Don’t care how much time passes. That scene where the T-Rex is coming and then attacks. That was classic. I’ve seen all of them for better and worse and I don’t think I can count a single scene that enthralls me so much even when I’ve seen it a hundred times.

predator hounds
I’d even adopt space dogs.

I did see Predator as well. It was an okay film but I couldn’t help but think  you could totally lose Boyd Holbrook (the unfortunate lead whom I didn’t like) and have co-stars Olivia Munn and Yvonne Strahovski take down alien baddies and now that would have been a classic.


I had some okay reads (Seafire) some and some not so good reads (Adultolescence- the author basically admits some pages are nothing but filler. Ugh.) But there were some greats reads as well.

The Silence of the Girls

The Silence of the Girls

red sister

Red Sister

twenty fragments of a ravenous youth

20 Fragments



I Hate Fairyland Sadly Never After

Fairyland vol. 4

It’s October at last! The weathers starting to get cooler (for me). Muse of Nightmares comes out tomorrow! A Star is Born on the 5th and Netflix will continue to further my witch interest by dropping a new Sabrina the Teenage Witch right in time for Halloween!

I hope everyone has a great month ahead of them 🙂