5 Ideas for The Walking Dead Films

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So as the news has come out about several Walking Dead movies being planned I thought I’d help them out with these (somewhat) serious ideas for movies I’d actually like to see and also why AMC won’t do any of them.

FYI this is mainly about one particular character whose fate has been all over the news recently but if you don’t want to be spoiled consider yourself warned.

Rick Grimes lived! I was spoiled ahead of time though still had to roll my eyes. I do love Andrew Lincoln however much the show gets on my nerves so here are some ideas for Scott Gimple’s planned Rick movies.

Andrew Lincoln as Bloody Rick
I was almost free!

Walkers in London!

Considering Lincoln wanted to leave to spend time with his family this makes the most sense. Well, not in show terms but when has that mattered? Besides it would be interesting to see what happen to the rest of the world when it went to shit. And literally being on another continent is a good obstacle to getting back to his family.

On the other hand no way is AMC going to pay to shoot in London. Our luck they would shoot it in Atlanta with green screen and try to tell us it was London.

Frozen Walkers!

zombies on the walking dead

Do they freeze? How would the humans manage in some serious blizzard conditions? Okay, its just me. But I want to see some snow. It only occasionally rains.


Actually, the comics do have a bit of history with the aliens. And come on! Fighting aliens is another good excuse for him not to get back home! Maybe the walker plague is the fault of aliens trying to wipe us out? Or maybe they try to save us?

pollyanna mackintosh as jadis

The Garbage Queen Lives Her Dream

I mean she did want to lay with Rick way back when she was a completely different character (not that she’s ever been a real character but more like whatever they need her to be.) So perhaps Rick has amnesia and she convinces him that they’re married and they live happily ever after fighting crime together, and abducting people apparently, in the some super secret silo.

I knew, ew.

I do not trust the powers that be to handle the delicacies of something like Anne basically tricking him into a marriage.

The Ultimate of Prequel AU’s

andy lincoln looks to the horizon

Let’s do a flashback to their previous lives but better. Like Michonne is a high-powered defense attorney defending Carol, a multi-millionaire celebrity chief  who hired a down on his luck  Merle Dixon to off her shitty husband. Meanwhile Merle’s super clean real estate tycoon brother Daryl is having issues with his new wife Lori whose teenage son wants to go lie with his cop dad who left Lori to hook up with his temperamental partner Shane.

I mean they say Andrew Lincoln’s not coming back to the main show doesn’t mean they can’t bring the cast to him.

And with that 🙂 Happy Weekend!

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  1. Nice. I for one wanna know all about the A’s and B’s and what it means, but alas they’re going to make me wait for these “movies.” *sigh* I really could care less about time jump Alexandria- I wanna know where Rick went! Oh well…

    Walkers in London would be awesome. Or yes frozen/ northern walkers! Maybe they take him to Canada… I still wonder why Garbage Queen was the only one who heard helicopters flying overhead and stuff.

  2. I gave up on the Walking Dead series after s2, so i’m not sure what happened, but all your suggestions would be really cool actually 😀 I vote for London!

  3. I haven’t seen any Walking Dead episodes but sort of know what happens as a lot my friends like to discuss it. I like your suggestions, I’m voting for frozen / northern walkers! ❄️ 😊

  4. LOL, I’d watch the frozen walkers for sure! Do a crossover where they run into some white walkers and just snarl at each other for the whole movie.

    I am not up-to-date with TWD – we dropped out in the middle of the Negan arc and won’t pick it up anymore. But what would pull me back in would be anything on Merle Dixon. Just let him run around and shoot walkers. I’m happy then. Maybe with Daryl as a side-kick. But more early-TWD Daryl, not the new broody, mumbling & conflicted Daryl.

  5. Yea I’m not really too sure what they plan on doing with the movies. However, I can say that at this point I think I am looking forward to them over the series. I am not a big fan of time jumps to make up for lost characters or plot lines so we’ll have to see how they progress. I have been wondering about the A and B theory myself. We know that Gabriel was considered an A but Rick is a B. I originally thought it had to deal with thinking for yourself like a leader rather than being a follower, but now I’m not sure. I’m also wondering if maybe it is similar to American Horror Story Apocalypse where the “purples” are the elites and the “grays” serve them but still have a purpose. Either way, I’m interested to see what they do and yes frozen walkers does sound fun! Great read. Thanks for this! 🙂

  6. omg you need to be in charge of the films, THESE IDEAS I LOVE THEMMM!!???? especially the London one + the prequel

    *also the mentioned spoiler destroyed my feelings, I really loved the thing said spoiler is about*

    1. And then we can see Rick Grimes destroying shit on an International Scale! And maybe the blood loss for some reason could mean an excuse to use his real accent? I don’t know how but those pesky questions don’t usually bother Gimple and it’s such a good voice 😉

  7. The Ultimate Prequel sounds AWESOME, I felt the hype. I would definitely watch that. It’d be really cool to see how the rest of the world are doing in the zombie apocalypse! That’s why the first few seasons were great, when they were out and about travelling. The Sanctuary was so horrific, but Carol saving them was one of the most badass moments in the series. Last few seasons haven’t been great, when Rick left, I just thought to myself: yep, I’m out now. The comics handled the story a lot better, the story was far more exciting. They’re doing far too many set-ups until the big showdown in the finale which means we get a lot of boring episodes before it. *sighs*

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