Most Disappointing Reads of 2018

most disappointing reads

I was actually going to combine most disappointing reads and films. But turns out I could come up with a fair number of books.

I’m saying disappointing because that was the case with most of them. If you loved them more power to you. This is just my opinion.



I think its just time for me to call it a day with Mr. Kristoff. I thought it was repetitious in parts and the constant snark gets annoying. It redeemed itself a bit in the end but like I said I think this is a case of just not meshing with the author repeatedly.



Considering Vicious was such a great read this was such a bummer! And I know, I know it’s an unpopular opinion. I rant about it here but I wish I had left well enough alone.

Falling Kingdoms by Morgan Rhodes

Falling Kingdoms Series

To be fair I liked the first book well enough to keep going but book two Rebel Spring just about did me in. The heroes acted like morons and I’m all for character arcs and changing but they seemed all over the place. The more spoilers I heard about the rest of the series the more I knew this wasn’t going to be one for me.

spinning silver

Spinning Silver

Perhaps I’ll pin this one on high expectations considering how much I loved Uprooted. But Spinning Silver badly needed, at least, a stronger edit. To me you could have cut an entire POV out of this book and it would have been stronger.

Something in the Water

Something in the Water

Oh my God! Talk about annoying characters who were not that bright themselves. This book also took forever to get anywhere. I mean its easy to guess what’s going to be in the water but when they finally find something the author wastes countless more time screwing around before they actually open it and tell you!

The Poppy War

The Poppy War

Again, probably an unpopular opinion. I went into this on some specific laudatory reviews. The diversity is great and I get why people love it for that but the story was been there done that. Even the violence so many people seemed to talk about- maybe I just read enough adult fantasies. It was entirely too easy to put this book down and too hard to work up the care to pick it up and finish it.

the wicked deep

The Wicked Deep

This book had a cool story and atmosphere and I am hardly one to be bothered by problematic themes but to me there were some serious issues in this book- that the book itself never really seemed to deal with. Like bodily autonomy and consent among other things. Not to mention it was the second book I read in a short period of time where a character falls in love with someone who murdered their sibling.

Taken as a whole it just really put me off.

by a charm and a curse

By a Charm and a Curse

Cool idea. Cursed traveling carnival. Girl falls in love with boy who purposefully curses her and then shoves her out of a ferris wheel. I could have overlooked that if I could have figured out one thing…

When did they fall in love?

I felt like I was missing big chunks of this book including as more history of the carnival unfolded. Fathers? Exes? How old are these people? I was confused and then I was like this book is not good enough to be so confusing.

this mortal coil

This Mortal Coil

This book- about a virus that wipes out humanity- actually started out intriguing if a little gross. But by the end I hated the romance, hated it. Anything good got buried under countless twists and at least one big spoiler- I found it a bit insulting to be honest.

the fandom

The Fandom

Ugh, the book that hate works for. This could have been so good. Girl and her friends visiting a convention get sucked into their favorite story and must survive it. The way they get there is kind of silly but aside from that the main characters poisonous interaction with her girl friends (both the one she adores and the one she thinks is a whore and wants dead) is what really made me dislike the book.

Hopefully with a week to go there won’t be any other books that make this list for 2018 and it will be all happy reading ahead!

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  1. Wow, I haven’t read any of these (I don’t read much YA sci-fi/fantasy type stuff) and your list makes me kind of glad I skipped them. Great list! Are you going to write a list of your favorite books this year? (or have you already and I haven’t noticed it?)

  2. I thought I was the only one let down by LIFEL1K3! I was so hyped for it and it just felt so short for me. I’m worried I might not like Spinning Silver. I read the first chapter or 2 to see if I would read it for my december tbr and it was interesting, but I wonder if I should have bought Uprooted first. I can understand why people wouldn’t like The Poppy War. It borderlines on historical fiction (according to the author) and I don’t know much Chinese history, so it interests me. But I also don’t read that much adult fantasy.

    I really liked your explanations for why these didn’t work for you. You make some good points!

    1. Thank you!
      Honestly I would try Uprooted first. Spinning Silver is actually an expansion of a short story that appeared in The Starlit Wood- which drove me crazy cause I knew I had read this idea before. Overall it was a good short story collection if you want to give that a go!

  3. « Shoves her out of a ferris wheel »… wait, what?? 😨

    Interresting post! I haven’t read any of thoses, so that’s nice to have some diversity in point of views!

  4. I have given up on the Fallen Kingdom series as well. 😊 And fair play about Spinning Silver, I did enjoy it for its atmospheric but completely get the editing part. There were two strong POVs and they probably could have been the only ones.
    I haven’t read the other books and not sure if I want to. 😊

  5. I didn’t really like Spinning Silver either. And I am reading vengeful right now and its just not gripping me the way Vicious was. I am not very far but if it doesn’t pick up it will be on my dissapointment list

    1. I certainly hope it picks up for you. I know a lot of people liked it and the new characters but I think it took too much away from what made Vicious work so well. I look forward to hearing what you think 🙂

  6. Ugh, i’m still planning to read Lifelike and This Mortal Coil. Hope i will enjoy them more than you did. Sorry they were a disappointment.

    Something in the Water was not well liked by my bookish friends who have similar tastes to mine, so i crossed that one out my list a while ago.

    1. I know a lot of people loved Lifelike. I think it’s just me and the author that doesn’t work out cause I have the same problems with a lot of his past work (apparently I never learn.) Hopefully you like them both!

  7. Such a pity to see Likelike, mortal coil and poppy war on here- I really want to read those! So disappointing about vengeful as well. Yeah I’ve increasingly gone off the falling kingdoms series as its gone on. Awesome post!

    1. I think I’m definitely in the minority of Lifelike and Poppy War. Mister Kristoff and I just don’t seem to mix and I had to high expectations of Poppy War. I look forward to reading your thoughts when you do read them!

  8. I remember you didn’t enjoy The Poppy War! i wasn’t going to read Vengeful but since it got all that hype i thought of giving it a read. Might skip it, anyway! I didn’t enjoy The wicked deep as well. The writing was good but too predictable. I’m still looking forward to reading Novik’s books.

    1. I adored Uprooted and I actually liked Spinning Silver a lot more in short story form 🙂 So I still think she’s a great author. You never know about Vengeful? I think not liking it is the more unpopular opinion so maybe you will!

  9. Oh, that’s such a shame about Poppy War, I’ve been seeing nothing but glowing reviews and good diversity rep, so I’m really looking forward to it. I was a bit worried because of the plot and it did feel overly done before, but I was hoping that the POC element would more than make up for it and hopefully add an interesting angle to it! :/

    1. I think it was an expectation game for me! A lot of the reviews I read had said oh you’ve never read anything like it or this is so different I really was expecting a much different story. And reading it was like yeah this is not that different than a lot of fantasies at least in terms of the story. Perhaps I should have exercised more patience instead of just jumping on it 😉

      1. I have a strange feeling that when they said that that they meant a YA fantasy with a diverse backdrop. Which is a shame, I hear that there others that are coming out this year that you might prefer instead! I’m sure you’ll read them anyway and I’ll just follow suit. 😂

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