Magic Libraries & Living Books: Sorcery of Thorns

sorcery of thorns

Sorcery of Thorns

By: Margaret Rogerson

Elizabeth has grown up as a child of the library. A world filled with librarians and living books. The books sing, the cry, they live, they feel pain and are various degrees of dangerous.

She’s happier there than anywhere. She dreams of being Warden one day and as such one rule she must live by- stay away from magic.

“You like this place?”

“Of course I do. It has books in it.”


And me.

One night Elizabeth witnesses an act of sabotage that gets her cast out of the library and the only chance she has is with a young sorcerer whose family past is a bit scandalous and very tragic as well as his strange man-servant and must see just how deep the corruption of this world and the truth about her beloved libraries runs.

This book ticked most of my boxes:

magic library & books

good heroine

pretty cover

A burgeoning relationship that doesn’t make me want to feed myself to a man eating book.

Check to all.

Hell it even had another dimension element into it.

I do think it might have been a little long at times and there were a couple of places where it could have gone off in slightly traveled roads. Why does there have to be any love interest?

Still Sorcery of Thorns was definitely a fun read overall. I’m going to check out Enchantment of Ravens and whatever else Rogerson might write in the future and dream of magic libraries.

Although maybe not living books- I’ve been told by a couple of people now they actually find that idea creepy to terrifying. Mileage varies I suppose 🙂 I mean would I really want my copy of IT to be alive?

Recommend: Yes. 

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  1. Living books- I guess that could be creepy- I’m imagining all my books moving around now and talking lol- but this sounds awesome and I need this series.

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