Sisters, Holidays & Baby-Sitters: Upcoming Entertainment

Saoirse Ronan as Jo March

Well if one thing is already true about the Little Women trailer it made me finally buy the book!

It’s a first trailer and I’m still a little torn. I think Saoirse Ronan and Florence Pugh look particularly strong here. I like some of the lines and I think they’re good picks to pull off those two March sisters.

I even liked the little bit with the dancing outside. Overall it looks like it could be a nice  film but there’s another part of me that was burned because I still feel like Lady Bird was so over-hyped. This one’s still a probably from me at this point (largely based on Ronan, Pugh, and the rest of the cast.) I did really like the 90’s version with Winona Ryder so perhaps after I finally read the book I’ll feel more strongly.

The trailer for the new Emilia Clarke Last Christmas movie dropped and I think it gives away too much…

I was an elf once upon a time and honestly its a fun job. I also think Clarke’s great in this kind of movie but I don’t know feels more like it could be a rental.

November 17th for Season 3 of The Crown- there’s really nothing to this teaser but I’m going to watch it anyway.  Maybe the new Prince Phillip will win me over? Although it will be interesting to see how the show does when it starts getting to the more modern stuff that everyone tends to know about.

Lastly in actual book news audible has the first 5 books in the Baby-Sitter’s Club series available. Narrated by Elle Fanning!

the baby-sitters club audible

Amazon has them listed at $6.95 per book which isn’t a bad price for an audio book so I may wind up taking that trip down memory lane. On top of that Netflix is doing a series in the future so I’ll be prepared when that rolls around!

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  1. It seems to be a new trend these days: trailers that give away way too much of the movie. I like trailers, because really it can make me enthusiastic for an upcoming film. But these days it seems that studios are making every effort to give away so much with their trailers that you almost don’t have to go and see the movie anymore😔

  2. I thought Lady bird was crazy overhyped too but Little Women trailer is very sweet, other than Watson who just sticks out. Last Christmas trailer is so ridiculously spoilery, it’s unbelievable they release that

  3. I saw that Audible is doing the Babysitters club and I am super tempted to listen to them too 😀 I loved that series as a kid, but I don’t want to ruin the nostalgia by listening to them as an adult

  4. Little Women looks good, although Emma Watson is underwhelming in it, might be the weak link.
    Keep hearing about the Babysitters Club, I will check it out, thanks!

  5. I’ve heard some spoilers about Last Christmas which sound really good, so I hope it’s true! Plus the film, though the trailer gives away a lot, looks like it’ll be a blast. I wonder how it must have felt for Emilia given that she’s been through something similar that her character has gone through.

    Loved the 90’s version of Little Women. I’ve seen the new trailer for Little Women and it just feels so… grim. It’s like when the HP films got darker and they actually made the lighting darker, like why? How are we supposed to see what’s going on. I think I’ll probably watch if the reviews are good, but it just looks too depressing at the moment.

    1. One thing I really liked about that film was the Gabriel Byrne character. I thought he was such a sweetheart. They don’t have to take the route they did in that film but it will be interesting to see if the character shows up and what they do with Jo in the end.

      1. I agree! I don’t know how anyone could watch it and not fall in love with him, there’s this sense of genuine warmth that envelops you about him. Perfect and stabilising for Jo!

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