My Kind of Wedding Party

Samara Weaving and Adam Brody

Ready or Not

Directed By: Matt Bettinelli-Olpin & Tyler Gillett

So leaving Ready or Not the other day my first thought was, “Ah, that was so cute!” Which does seem like a strange thing to say considering it’s a movie about a young bride whose in-laws are trying to kill her to please some weird pact they’ve got going. But it stands. I thought it was cute and really just fun.

the family in ready or not

Also just generally speaking how I imagine it would go if I ever got married. And if I did I’d probably cosplay Grace’s end look which come to think of it might worry my in-laws.

But I digress.

Samara Weaving as Grace

Ready or Not is definitely more gory than scary but it has some solid laughs throughout. I also loved the look of the mansion and the wedding. The creepy song that played when Grace was hiding.

Adam Brody was great as the drunk kind of with it kind of not eldest brother. I haven’t seen much of him lately but honestly still find him as likable as when he played Seth. I also love Kristian Braun (who will always be hapless Donnie from Orphan Black) as the brother-in-law who has to Youtube how to use his weapon.

bloody grace in ready or not

But Weaving definitely makes the film and mostly covers up its weak spots. She’s so damned likable and makes Grace so believable despite the insane situation that I was completely into her survival. Favorite parts where when she punched the one character in the barn and let lose the string of expletives against the person who drove away.

I think I have a new crush 🙂

I think the two biggest issues with the movie for me where Andie MacDowell’s character who swung a little too much back and forth that I think she needed to pick a personality at times- or maybe she actually needed more time to develop who knows?

Also they start going one way with the ending that I really liked but then went another much more explosive way that I honestly didn’t like as much. But overall it was a fun film.

Recommend: Yes. If you’re at all interested and looking to have a little late August movie fun it’s a good pick but honestly it’s also a perfectly good rental if you can’t make it to the theater.


4 thoughts on “My Kind of Wedding Party

  1. I don’t usually do horror or gory movies but this one looked really good so I was super intrigued! I’m glad you liked it, tho that sucks they went a different direction with the ending. Great Review!

  2. The premise sounds absolutely bizarre, and that picture where she’s covered in blood gives me Harley Quinn vibes. I hope it hits Netflix one day, looks like it’ll be a good film to kick back and watch with the family!

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