It’s Time for Poison Ivy…

Poison Ivy in the Harley Quinn show

The DC Cinematic Universe is sleeping on a lot but a big one I think is they haven’t yet used the character of Doctor Pamela Isley, better known as Poison Ivy, since Uma Thurman played her in that Batman we should all forget way back in the 90s.

I think that is crazy because if there’s anyone screaming for a Big Screen adaptation its her.

She’s had animated versions and she’s appeared on Gotham. (Didn’t love.) But currently are absolutely nailing the adaptation in the Harley Quinn show over on the DCEU app. With some great voice work by the underrated Lake Bell.

(They need to get the show off an app that’s otherwise fairly pointless and get it somewhere more people are going to see it.)

Because wildly unpopular opinion-  much as I enjoyed Birds of Prey the show is better for a lot of reasons some that can’t be helped that the movie just couldn’t do but still… I’m glad Christina Hodson didn’t get the chance to adapt Ivy.

Margot Robbie as Harley Quinn

I’m probably going to rave about how much fun the Harley Quinn show is, “Where’s my goddamn electric car Bruce?” in another post so be warned. This is just why Poison Ivy needs to hit the big screen sooner rather than later.

Or I’ll take a live action show on the new HBO streaming since that’s where their putting a new Green Lantern.

Why Ivy?

The environment angle.

As we see Ivy doesn’t identify as a super-villain so much as an eco-terrorist. The environment is very much on our collective minds the last couple of years and probably well into the future with climate change.

Ivy is the anti-heroine voice of that protecting plant life and animals from mostly big corporations. I mean it writes itself!

Her powers are cool!

I thought a few years ago after seeing Annihilation there were effects in there that could easily be used for Ivy that would give her this dreamy/nightmare quality and it doesn’t even have to be big budget. Alex Garland did some great stuff without anybody giving a damned about Annihilation.

Hm, an Alex Garland directed Poison Ivy movie…

Actually there are some real Ivy like links throughout that whole movie. You could easily put her in something leaning toward the horror side.

Plus it’s a power we haven’t seen before on screen, at least I don’t think so, it’s all bloody running together at this point.

Poison Ivy makes an entrance

She knows how to make an entrance.

Okay to be fair that’s highly linked to her powers and how they are used but in the Harley Quinn show pretty much every great entrance was Ivy.

The point is Ivy would easily stand out from the crowd of superheroes, anti-heroes and villains and bring her in strong she could be a powerful draw for any future Harley Quinn/Batman team-up.

Since this is an Ivy related ramble who’s my dream fan-cast for her?

Well back in the day when I really started getting into the character it was always Eva Green. Since I really like the attitude the Harley Quinn show gives her I think two other favorites would also work.

Rebecca Ferguson or Natalie Dormer. Both excellent actresses who I don’t think have great luck with roles- hopefully Ivy would reverse that. I also think I don’t know why but Ivy is always older than Harley in my head cannons she does tend to reign Harley in and calm her down and I think you want a strong, grounded actress who can go toe to toe with Margot Robbie’s Harley and not lose any ground.

I have looked and found plenty of rumors about Poison Ivy appearing in the new Batman movie but considering how crowded that cast already is and there hasn’t been any real confirmation (I could find) let alone an announced name casting of any sort I doubt it will be what she deserves.

But here’s hoping someone will take advantage and bring the character to live-action soon!




2 thoughts on “It’s Time for Poison Ivy…

  1. My nephews literally just discovered Poison Ivy last weekend and they were all about it so you really might be onto something.

  2. I can’t even think about this anymore without becoming angry. WB is so stupid we are probably never going to see Ivy on the screen.

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