Self-Isolation Book Recommendations

Harley goes book hunting

The why miss people edition 🙂

Occasionally you read a book that makes you think boy people suck. No shade on the book it’s actually good just the characters in it. I thought of a few first rate reads with characters that still might make social-isolation just a little bit more bearable.

bad blood

Bad Blood is the story of Elizabeth Holmes and her medically based start-up that is so crazy you’ll wish it was made-up.

But no the truth is definitely more upsetting than fiction here.


Sadie is fiction a dark read half of which is told in the form of a podcast. I read it as a regular book but the reviews for the audio make me wish I had gone that direction.

My Sister, the Serial Killer

A short quick read about beauty, deception, and the family covering it all up. I felt for the narrator (not her sister though) but even still I wouldn’t want to know her.

You Are Not Alone

A book about adult female friendships and so much gaslighting… so much… A weird one where I enjoyed the read but none of the characters. Sometimes that works!


What if the X-Men made themselves? Oh and all were power mad assholes… A twisty tale of brilliant minds put top all the wrong uses. I disliked the sequel but Vicious was an absolute blast of a read.


Example A of famous screw-ups and generally unlikable characters. And also hey, if you’ve never read the play nows the perfect time. It’s actually a fairly quick read!

Gone Girl

A classic of this unlikeable leads genre. I don’t want to spoil too much for people who haven’t read it but the main character is pretty much a legend in my mind!

If I'm Being Honest

Speaking of Shakespeare how about a contemporary Taming of the Shrew take where the main character must face her flaws and learn that perhaps honesty shouldn’t always be brutal. Truthfully I actually really liked Cameron even if you weren’t supposed to.

the way you make me feel

I’m including this because I really enjoyed it. But the main character seems controversial  per reading others reviews. She’s a school prankster who gets herself into a summer full of trouble and bonus it involves a food truck.

little fires everywhere

Possibly another controversial choice. Good book and I liked some of the kids. I also liked the fire bug but everyone else was kind of low grade awful and a very realistic kind of low-grade awful.

So hopefully some of these books can help us look on the bright side and not miss other people so much, at least for a little while 🙂



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  1. This was such a fun idea 😂 Missing people? Don’t worry. Some people suck. I enjoyed a couple of these reads. Sometimes unlikeable characters work for me, sometimes it doesnt. Even if it works for other people. That’s the fun about personal preference. If it didn’t work for me, that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work for others. 😁

  2. Love this post and your recommendations. I loved My Sister, the serial killer and Gone girl

  3. Thanks hun, I’ve just added anything I haven’t read to my list – like most here, I’m ripping through a lot!

  4. Love this list!! Vicious sounds especially interesting, adding it to my TBR! And Little Fires Everywhere…oh man the show was so good I’m worried it’s better than the book, haha.

    1. There were some real differences between show and book I liked the both. I just kind of wish Reese Witherspoon would play a different role at this point!

  5. I had no idea you are not alone is about gaslighting. Well that pushes it up my tbr.

    My sister the serial killer is scheduled in my next top ten TBR. I can’t wait to read it, the author is hilarious as well so I’m good hands. I have terrible short term memory so I may have already told you this, I apologise in advance.

    Sorry but no white female character has ever quite beaten Amy Dunne. She is the benchmark.

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