Top 5 Tuesday: Things I’m Doing in Isolation

Andy Samberg as Jake Peralta in Brooklyn 99

Today’s Top 5 Tuesday Topic over at Bionic Book Worm is Things Keeping Me Distracted During Self-Isolation.

I think this is a great topic and we can all share and help each other!

Brooklyn 99

Jake and Charles in Brooklyn 99

I’ve watched a couple episodes here and there in the past but since I added Hulu to my Disney+ package I started from season one and this time it sucked me in. It probably shouldn’t surprise me I’m enjoying it since it’s by the same producer that did Parks and Recreations but still. Now I get what people see in it!

 DC Super Hero Girls

I started watching this a while back when I was sick and then picked it up again when this started and realized…

They all got older. What happened?

It’s still a fun little web series and I love the characters.

Learning to Sew

No, I’m not really but every time I find new Youtubers I want to do whatever it is their selling and that’s pretty much the case with Micarah Tewers. She makes me laugh which right now is appreciated. Plus we seemed to be equally as bad at numbers and measuring anything.

Honestly though when this ends I may try the Harley Quinn costume.

Sophie Turner as jean grey

Practicing my Telekinesis/Losing Track of Time

Well not really on the first one but I do need to get back into a schedule because there’s been a shocking amount of times in the past couple of weeks where I’ve seen my remote or my phone or a book out of reach and reached for it thinking, “Come to me, this will work. I so need it to work.”

Also there was a good week and a half there where I was convinced that next week was the 4th of July.

If only.

Rewatching Old Favorites

Screen Shot 2020-04-07 at 2.17.40 PM

Well I got into rewatching some of my more questionable old favorites so far; Jupiter Ascending, The Parent Trap, Reign of Fire and The Three Musketeers. I told myself I could see if they hold up and then blog about that and whether or not my thoughts on the film had changed.

I’m sure many people would point out that they never really held up but I still enjoy them and it’s been fun revisiting them.

So that’s the five (sort of) things I’ve been doing with self-isolation. Hopefully I can be more productive in the next few weeks!