3 Things to Look Forward to: Cruise in Space, Disney & Piranesi

tom cruise as ethan hunt

I have to admit this edition of 3 Things to Look Forward to is a little bit far in the future… But Tom Cruise is going to space and really it’s a bit hard to top that one!

He’s actually working with Space X and NASA to do this and as reporting on it points out there are all kinds of issues. Not the least of which is would he have to receive astronaut training? And if he doesn’t does this get closer to the idea of commercializing space flight?

The behind the scenes of this one could be fascinating and if it actually happens how the hell will Cruise ever top it in terms of stunts? He’d have to retire!


Susanna Clarke (Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell) has a new book coming out on September 15th.

An extraordinaire labyrinth of a house and a strange man asking for help with research into “a great and secret knowledge” well color me intrigued. And Goodreads has this only being 272 pages! So it’s not the rock that Jonathan Strange was. I’m not in love with the cover but hell the story sounds great and its Clarke so what’s that matter?

woody and bo peep in toy story 4

Nostalgia alert! Well for me anyway and I don’t really watch network television anymore so I don’t know if this is a surprise but ABC is bringing back the Wonderful World of Disney shows this summer!

It’s a good line-up starting May 20th!

Lastly next Friday is the premiere of the Hulu show The Great as well as when Scoob! drops on premiere video on demand so we have that to look forward to as well 🙂

I hope everyone has a great weekend!


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