Run Jane Run!

Not Another Happy Ending

Directed By: John McKay

This movie is billed even in the trailer as a romantic comedy albeit a different one. But the guy is a dick and Jane should only have run far, far away from him.

Karen Gillan Not Another Happy Ending

Karen Gillan playing a best-selling author with writer’s block… how have I never heard of this? I pretty much love Gillan and anything about authors plus I mean just on spec Stanley Weber is handsome and the setting beautiful.

So what was the problem?

Well Weber plays her editor and he desperately needs another book from her. The conclusion is come to that since she wrote the first one while miserable and now she’s in a relationship and trying to repair the rift with her father, generally she’s happy, well, he’s got to change that.

Stanley Weber

I am not against bite and edge to my romances (hell I prefer them that way) but Not Another Happy Ending just rubbed me the wrong way.

He’s actively fucking with her life once I thought he did something dangerous to be honest and at another point in the movie he and a friend are talking about if only she had a pet they could get rid of it… maybe it was supposed to be a joke but by that point I actually believed it.

In other words as he starts to realize that he’s actually in love with her all I could think was run away Jane, run away!

Which is a shame overall because Gillan as always is good. And I love the general idea of writer’s block after a huge overwhelming debut success. I also thought the most interesting part of the movie was her relationship with her father, what happened and whether she wants to or they can repair the rift.

Karen Gillan and Henry Ian Cusick in Not Another Happy Ending

In the end I thought it was a film with potential where the relationship went wrong. And the sad thing is it just felt like little touches really- I actually kind of liked the somewhat combative vibe they had in the very beginning when they were editing the first book together.

He just didn’t know when to stop and unfortunately I could never believe he truly care for her.

Recommend: If you’re a die hard Gillan fan but otherwise I’d pass on this one.

3 thoughts on “Run Jane Run!

  1. I’m curious to know what he did that was dangerous. Is it really romance or a poor take on what romance is? It sounds like the Hollywood equivalent to Kabir Singh (please don’t watch this, it reeks of male entitlement and glorifies abuse), but perhaps slightly tamer.

    1. When she’s supposed to be meeting her father at a pub night he has a cab driver take her on a round about way telling her there’s detours and basically sits her after dark as far away from the pub as possible in what looks like a fairly deserted business area she’s unfamiliar with 🙁

      1. Yeah, that makes me think that the title for your post was aptly written. That’s the kind of thing we warn other women about on Twitter.

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