Looking Forward: The Trek We Deserve

I knew there was a Princess Diana movie coming but I didn’t know Netflix was doing a musical version of her life which jeez I mean my first thought was just because Hamilton did it doesn’t mean everyone should try.

Actually apparently this is not technically Hollywood because its a filmed version of a musical that was set to debut on Broadway. They were in previews before Corona took hold.

So my above point remains. It’s more Hollywood trying to replicate the success of Hamilton by taking from Broadway which I suppose does make a nice change from the other way around.

Note to self: see about Hadestown after this!

In other royal not crazy news Jonathon Pryce is going to play Prince Phillip in the last 2 seasons of The Crown.

I’m sure he’ll be great and all but it’s still makes me mad that they didn’t save Charles Dance for this role instead of the relatively small role of Lord Mountbatten.

Back to out there (to me) movie news Zac Efron will be starring in a Disney+ series remake of Three Men and a Baby which is another one I couldn’t help but think… How are they going to do this?

If I recall the first movie correctly (and I was a kid and it’s been a long time) a lot of the issues that came up in the film are based on pretty much not having Google or social media or even a cell phone in every single hand.

I admit I’m most interested in seeing how they make this one work.

Andy Weir has a 3rd book coming out next Spring called Project Hail Mary which I’m writing about because I’m slightly hopeful. The Martian is probably one of my all-time favorite books…


Not that big on.

Was it a second book slump? Or was The Martian lightening in a bottle? I guess we’ll see it is amazing this book won’t be out until next year and the movie rights have already been snapped up.

Lastly a movie project that likely won’t be happening but the more I think about it really should have Quentin Tarentino’s Star Trek movie was supposed to be a 1930’s style Gangster flick and…

I love the idea!

I mean at first I only really liked the idea of seeing Pine, Quinto and Urban dressed up like 30’s gangsters but it could work. It’s Star Trek it should be fun and different and okay it’s perhaps not really space like but come on didn’t they come back to Earth once and talk to whales?

Plus apparently it’s actually based on an old episode. It could be so much fun! This is the kind of interesting stuff they should do with this IP even if its a little odd so naturally it seems like this is the one that’s not happening.

But a girl can dream!

2 thoughts on “Looking Forward: The Trek We Deserve

  1. A remake of Three Men and a Baby…one has to wonder Hollywood’s obsession with remakes, reboots etc…ugh.
    As for Trek…let’s hope it happens, because I would be interested in it as well. I really miss the classic Trek feel..although Picard wasn’t too bad I admit.

  2. Princess Diana as a musical seems more in tune with the Swan Lake vibe. Tragic, and even more devastating watch because it’s based on real life! I don’t think I could bring myself to watch it while there’s music playing. Too sad!

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