We Got A Wandavision Trailer!

So we got a Wandavision trailer!

And while I admit they don’t give a date all signs (okay rumors and speculation) are pointed to it making its December date and I couldn’t be more excited!

It’s pretty much my favorite character played by one of my favorite actresses getting her own show with another character whose was pretty underserved in the movies. The supporting cast is great.

It’s looks weird and interesting and beautiful. It’s nice to see the MCU mix it up a little here potentially. That’s what’s so intriguing. There’s so much potential here and it looks like they may use it 🙂

4 thoughts on “We Got A Wandavision Trailer!

  1. This was a surprise! All eyes are on Disney and whether Black Widow will go the premier access route, so this feels a lot like Disney saying “hey here’s a sneak peek at this other thing now leave us alone for a minute” lol.

    I for one am more excited for this over Falcon & Winter Soldier. Elizabeth Olsen is sorely underplayed in the films so I think some Wanda-focused content is overdue.

    1. I’m betting they push Black Widow back one more time to February they have some room to play with since so far not a lick of publicity has started for Eternals. Of course that director is getting some serious Oscar buzz so if they move Eternals into early May they could really take advantage of that. But if we’re still in this mess in February then who knows? (And we’ll have much bigger problems.) I love Olsen and Wanda’s such a power house its interesting to think this is kicking it off when it should have been what 4th in the line-up?

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