Anxious People: A Great Read for Busy Times

Anxious People

By: Fredrik Backman

Anxious People is a great holiday read because it’s a pretty fast read number one but honestly the beginning of the book the characters were all kind of unlikable assholes (of varying degree) except the bank robber who I just felt sorry for but than they all really grown on you.

Feels like family and the holidays to me.

Anyway this is my very first Fredrik Backman read and it won’t be my last. He reminds me a lot of Matt Haig in the way he connects things and gets down to the root of people and humanity through in slightly less existential and more everyday ways.

I eat that stuff up that probably fairly bookish idea that something ten years ago might affect something as a ripple in this distance.

Although while I found the book by the end uplifting and moving I have to add in a trigger warning for: attempted suicide, suicide and PTSD which you also may want to keep in mind if that would upset you, or, if you’re considering buying it for someone that might be upset.

And there were some nice surprises throughout the book. Like I said it’s really a character story, the plot fairly simple. Although the end still held some surprises. I’m not sure how I felt about the one big reveal but eh, it certainly didn’t ruin the book for me.

So yeah just stick with Anxious People past the beginning. Past the asshole part and I think people will really enjoy it. It’s a good read for busy season no matter whether you’re traveling and visiting family or hanging out at home this year.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. wonderful review Gemma!! I had a bit of a getting used to the story at the beginning, but the further I got along the better it became. I can’t wait to read his next book. It’s always a waiting game between books.

    ~ Corina |

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