A Dent in the Armor of His Belief? The Seige

Spoilers for Episode 4 The Siege Below!

Baby Yoda is like my spirit character this episode- I mean this is a child who was swallowed by a sea creature and chased by thousands of little and one giant angry spider and I think the only force energy he’s exerted this season is to get food.

Plus there are macaron looking things in a galaxy far, far away. If they have 3 Musketeers sign me up for a trip.

Anyway I think for me there are two interesting parts of this episode. One being Din lifting up his helmet just a little bit in front of the child. It seemed a surprise. Baby Yoda was definitely trying to sneak a peek and we know he’s been napping in it so did Bo-Katan put a chink in that Mandalorian armor?

Is he thinking about removing the helmet? At least in front of the kid. And we’re coming to the point where those rumors about a blow-up were supposed to take effect in the show…

Plus now we know that Gideon does want the baby for his M-Count (cause their making clones?) but he’s so small more will kill him.

Hm interesting to think that the hidden beacon on the Razor Crest is not just going to lead Gideon to the child but (inadvertently) to a very powerful adult force user. Poor Ashoka she’s probably just chilling on her forest moon thinking she’s survived this far and now this is coming to her door.

Anyway this episode has exhausted everything in the trailers so it’s all new from Friday on out which is perfect timing and I think the set-up for a confrontation here is fantastic. I’m assuming he gets the child and there’s a rescue mission so Din will round up the posse again.

But going against my holiday induced forced good mood (I’m trying okay) this episode wasn’t filler. Ugh. I am so tired of that line. Whether you liked it or not, whether you’re just waiting for next week and were bored- important information was revealed and confirmed and the set-up for a serious show-down put into place. Ah, the Internet. 😦 I swear at least the boob armor controversy was different even if it was dumb.

I hope this isn’t Snoke related. But what else could it be?

It’s not holiday related but what the heck…

GRINCH-METER gives it 8 out of 10.

I’m waiting for next week to but my heart definitely grew when he used the cape to clean up the baby barf. Why on Earth does anyone think he’s just handing this kid off to the first Jedi he meets?