Book News & Lost in Editions!

The third book in the Skyward series called Cytonic (love it!) is out on November 23rd! I haven’t heard much about that considering it’s one of my favorite series (the second was even better than the first) it’s just shot right to the top of my list!

I so love the UK cover though. If I had the patience to wait and be reasonable… but nope I will happily buy it twice! Oh, just in time for the holidays to 🙂

Also Cytonic used to be called Nowhere much might have been why I missed news on it.

Speaking of name changes I lost track of another series but this is the second book in the Enchantee series another one which I really liked and was planning on reading- although in some editions it’s called Liberte but seems to be this one here and the first book Enchantee is now called All that Glitters…

I prefer the originals.

Although now that I think about it I might have gotten the UK edition in a Fairyloot and that’s why I’m confused. Either way if you were keeping an eye out for Liberte its now Everything that Burns and came out in February and came out in February!

I enjoyed the first book about magic and the French Revolution so I plan to pick it up. But how did I confuse myself so much??? Too many editions!

Not that too many editions has ever stopped me before!

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