The Suicide Squad: One Wild RIde

When I first heard the cast list I was like Polka-Dot Man? Ratcatcher? Oh dear. They ended the movie as my two favorites (outside of Harley of course but I’ll get to her). I think that might have been the nicest part after a run of mediocre films.

It wound up being The Suicide Squad that I was never once bored and looking at the clock and it did it by actually making me care about the characters (love them or hate them) I actually teared up in this movie damn it.

But let’s get the cringe stuff out of the way first.

I don’t need the screaming birds being killed. There’s always something in a James Gunn movie and I guess some bird shit on him somewhere at sometime… It was quick but lord in a movie that is gory, super violent and gross did you really need to go for the animals to?

Also both end credit scenes really depressed me and kind of killed the mood from the movie. I won’t get into spoilers but I figured one was coming but the first one kind of killed it. Like all the shit and all the death and this is what we get? Plus I’m sorry but it should have been Waller (Viola Davis) in that second scene not two characters whose names I didn’t remember save one is Gunn’s real life girlfriend.

So yeah that kind of annoyed me. I would rather no end credits scene.

But the good?

The Suicide Squad worked really well together and the actors bounced off each other with chemistry. More impressively Gunn found a way to show them all off and give you enough to care.

There was some real surprises in there and some real heartbreak.

Like I mentioned I had been unenthusiastic about Ratcatcher and Polka- Dot Man but they were great Daniela Melchior especially but I’d be happy to see David Dastmalchian pop up again somewhere in the D.C.’s wild universe. His power which sounded so strange even looked well done.

And this time around Joel Kinnaman and Gunn actually made me care about Rick Flagg. Hell I was kind of low-key shipping him and Harley and speaking of my girl…

I think this was my favorite version of Harley yet. She was funny and out there and absolutely kicked butt. Her scenes in the mansion especially were the highlights for me.

Plus superficially as a huge Harley fan I’m impressed that she looked so good here and so Harley without having to run around in the booty shorts. Nor was she the hot mess that she was in Birds of Prey. I do hope in the future they keep her at this speed and level.

While I would not want Gunn to do Gotham City Sirens or Ivy I’d want him more than Christina Hobson so there’s that.

On the one hand I completely agree with the people who say this movie really, really won’t be for everyone. However going into it I was worried it wouldn’t be for me and better than pleasantly surprised. Right now it’s definitely in my top ten of the year.

Recommend: Yes.

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  1. I thought Suicide Squad was an interesting concept, so I’m glad they managed to pull through with it this time. I may have to see it for myself.

    I can’t wait for the sequel: The The Suicide Squad.

  2. Bloody well done. I really liked Polka-dot Man, but Ratcatcher II was my personal favorite. She was just so cute and innocent that I couldn’t help but love her. This is my favorite version of Harley too, though I do think they could’ve trimmed down her subplot a tiny bit. other than that, a vast improvement over the 2016 film.

    1. Ratcatcher was great. It left me feeling like I would be much more interested in a show about her. I’m not sure why they went with Peacemaker despite the fact I think Cena was really good in the film.

      Yeah everything with the President was kind of weird until she did what she did and then I loved it. That line about him being prettier with the nasty thoughts spilling out of his head was so Harley 🙂

  3. I could have written this review myself (but nowhere near as well) because I agree with absolutely everything you’ve said! I’d have preferred no end-credits scene at all, and never did I ever think Polka-Dot Man and Ratcatcher 2 would end up my favourites!

    1. I expected the second one but the first one… did anyone really want that at that point? If they were going to bring the first one back I wish when he ran off into the jungle we could have seen him run right into King Shark and get eaten or something 🙂

  4. Had a blast w nearly everyone. Bloodsport, Flag, Harley– my fav version of her as well. King Shark had me on the floor but WOW Ratcatcher 2 stole the movie for me. Currently listening to “Ratism” fr the soundtrack and crying throughout the day 😭

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