Only Murders in the Building is a New Favorite!

Ted Lasso already has its biggest Emmy competition next year and I think I may have my new favorite show.

Seriously I rarely binge anything so it’s a real testament to how much I enjoyed this. I’d live in the Arconia for sure. Murder aside.

Only Murders stars Martin Short, Steve Martin and Selena Gomez as three out of sorts neighbors and true crime lovers who, after a murder in their huge and ritzy New York building, come together to try to solve it and make a podcast.

And all three are fantastic. The whole cast is really. I think Oliver might be my fav although Mabel is a close second. We get plenty of surprise guest stars and cameos including a reminded to not stand so close to Sting…

The lovely Amy Ryan whom before this I think I’ve only seen her crying in tragedies is obviously having a fantastic time. I have to say I’ve never seen Gomez in anything before either besides her cooking show but she holds her own and I think Mabel’s arc is really well done. Also props to Bunny the “evil” tenant association head and scourge of Oliver’s existence.

The mystery kept me guessing and like most season long mysteries (or books) revealed deeper and deeper things the further they dug.

And I will say while they do wrap up this mystery there’s a big old cliffhanger for an already renewed season 2 and I will be very much looking forward to it.

Despite the basis of this show being murder and a hefty dose of cynicism and loneliness it actually does have Ted Lasso’s sweetness in found friends and family and just generally needing help sometime to deal with your shit and is well worth a watch.

Though the real mystery I want solved next season is how I’m decades younger than Martin Short and he could probably run circles around me in terms of pure energy. I want to borrow some!

Recommend: Yes. Absolutely check out Only Murders!

6 thoughts on “Only Murders in the Building is a New Favorite!

  1. Great post! I totally agree, this is such a great new show! I haven’t seen the last two episodes yet, so I appreciated that this review was spoiler free. So happy to hear that this series will be having another season.

  2. I keep seeing advertisements for this but had no real idea what it was about. It definitely sounds like something I’d enjoy, I’m going to start it once I’ve finished Season 3 of You!

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