Dune Sequel Confirmed!

The Dune sequel is official a go.

While it’s been whispered that it would be Legendary announced it officially today. And yeah for more spice!

I saw the movie this weekend and both loved it and had some nitpicks but when it comes right down to it after two and a half hours I wanted more immediately…

And considering this days I think any movie that stretches over two hours is too long that’s impressive.

It’s set for October 2023 with everyone returning and gives us plenty of time to speculate on all kinds of things… Whose going to play the Emperor? The Princess? I heard a rumor once upon a time that it was going to be Emma Roberts…


I want to see how far Dennis can take this into Messiah territory and get into the Crusade 🙂 Anyway glad to hear it got a confirmed sequel and hopefully knowing that it will convince even more people to check out the first film by that time!