Eternals: Second Watch, Still Torn

Back when Eternals first came out I was just in the beginning of my grumpy movie going phase so I wanted to give it another chance when I could watch from the comfort of home and see if my generally lukewarm (it was fine…) thoughts had changed.

And what I really took away is that we could have one wild Celestial’s movie if they wanted to.


So forget the fact that they didn’t help with Thanos even though it hurt Arisham’s plan of getting the human race to a point where the little celestial could be born and kill everyone…

What about Ego?

I mean on the one hand you have big red Arisham versus Ego (the planet himself apparently) who takes human form as Kurt Russell (or David Hasselhoff) and goes around knocking up planets himself and the people on them.

Where were the Eternals for that? Was he like against the Celestial plan? Seriously I know nothing of Celestial lore but I bet they are a pretty wild fucked up bunch with lots of infighting. Cast Arisham (I don’t know but human form I see him as Adam Driver… or maybe this is the perfect role for Keanu) and then just get wild with the rest of the casting and you could still have Harry Styles, the cool Eternals (Thena, Druig and Makari) and Pip (whose got to be some of the worst CGI I’ve seen since Wonder Woman 1984) trying to infiltrate.

I mean if there’s any movie meant for Taiki it could be this one!

But back to Eternals.

Yeah on second viewing for me it still had the same problems. Overstuffed and full of interesting things that I wasn’t getting enough of for way more boring things. The humor in this one is still only 50/50 to me but when it didn’t land for some reason it stood out more here than even usual like they were expecting it to. Like Sersi’s phone going off during that first meeting when Druig learns the shocking news, or holding just a bit too long on the pie dropping or after Ikaris wrecks the table.

I did appreciate elements of the ending fight more this go around. Mainly Makari vs. Ikaris, or why in the end he couldn’t do it while Sprite gave it a good knife to the back try herself.

That being said it was still overshadowed for me by the actual ending they stuck Ikaris with like I just was annoyed they flew him into the sun. (Or he flew himself into the sun but you get what I mean.) I do get the draw of having a character called Ikaris and flying him into the sun but in my opinion that’s exactly why you shouldn’t do it! Not to mention the fact he really only got interesting at the end.

Like also second take his killing Ajax actually probably was one of the coldest moments in the MCU but than that does lead to flaws in the execution of Arisham’s overall design of the Eternals and Ajax letting them all separate in the first place! (But than again killing her at all seems like such a waste of a character I never really got to care about an Salma Hayek no less!)

There’s so much in this movie that it leaves me really torn in the end even after a second go round. On the basis of execution the script needed work in my opinion. They also probably could have done something different than the world ending save humanity schtick and that might have helped with some of the problems.

Recommend: Yes.

Despite my issues with it Eternals is actually an interesting film, in some ways because of it’s flaws.

2 thoughts on “Eternals: Second Watch, Still Torn

  1. i only watched eternals once and it’s been a while so i don’t remember many details, but i do agree that the celestials plot build up was pretty confusing. i am also not the hugest fan of the humor, and some things come across more corny than actually funny. however, i loved the dynamics between the cast and i wish that we had seen more of some of them interacting, rather than just fighting. also for people who had build up the romance in this one so much, it was a pretty mediocre one imo.

    1. The cast was great. I think it would have helped if maybe they had stuck to one time period instead of doing so much? Anything so we could have spent more time with them at a group before this big world ending thing.

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