Peacemaker Surprised Me: In a Good Way!

Peacemaker and Adobayo

Me after The Suicide Squad: This idiot is getting his own show? You have to be kidding! I’m not watching that! It’s going to be a total wreck.

Me watching Peacemaker: This is such a good show. Why is this working? But I know Gunn’s going to kill Eagly and break my heart he won’t be able to stop himself!

Me after the Season Finale of Peacemaker: I can’t wait for season 2! Maybe Gunn could do Gotham City Sirens as a series!!!

Peacemaker's Crew in Peacemaker

Yes so Peacemaker the 8 episode series about Christopher Smith (John Cena) following the events of the movie actually shockingly made me like him and everyone…

It’s probably one of the best comic book shows since Daredevil season 3 and from me that’s high praise. I also say that as someone who finds James Gunn (who wrote and directed the overwhelming amount of the show) to be really iffy though I did love last years movie.

But it worked. It was funny. Gory. Heartfelt and actually made me like every character all of whom were distinct and well written. Yes the butterfly threat was a bit like Starro in a way but I thought it went in an interesting direction at the end.

Leota Adebayo in Peacemaker

I really loved the cast as a whole but special props to Leota (Danielle Brooks) who is the first person to see something sad about Peacemaker and to actual reach out to him. I thought she and Cena worked really well together in building a real friendship through good and bad and that’s so important to the show because I firmly believed that in buying the idea Christopher can do better and indeed wants to you have to buy into her thoughts on him.

She’s also Waller’s daughter (that comes out in episode one) but man what she does at the end of the show was maybe the most surprising thing. I’m hoping for a bigger Waller presence next season.

Steve Agee also was a standout as Economos and his scene in the last episode taken off the silly “Dye Beard” joke at his expense Peacemaker used throughout the show as well as Cena’s reaction to it was really well done and emotional.

Steve Agee as Economos

The other standout for me would have to be Freddy Stroma as Vigilante. Although this character was a bit all over the place he was supposed to be and it was actually at the end pretty impressive how he could be such a mess and so good at killing 🙂

It kind of made him the scariest person in the group. Besides the hardcore Eagle of course.

Along with fighting the alien butterflies Peacemaker and the group have to deal with his racist abusive father and Smith’s own demons- many of them stemming from said father. I do appreciate the way that was handled.

Plus the music! The music was so good 🙂

Vigilante in Peacemaker

I mean honestly I always give points to shows or films that can consistently (like every episode) introduce me to good music or reference good books I haven’t read yet.

So overall I went from being unenthused to thinking Peacemaker season one pretty much knocked it out of the park. And seriously I would actually be interested in Gunn taking a shot at a Gotham City Sirens series but for right now I’ll happily be awaiting Peacemaker season 2! Something I never thought I wouldn’t have said two months ago 🙂

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    1. Since I started watching this not long after seeing Encanto for the first time I spent a miserable weekend with some weird hybrid of that and We don’t talk about Bruno running through my head. The only real downside of the show 🙂

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