Finlay Donovan: Much Needed Fun

I mean as fun exciting jobs with a lot of freedom goes (unless you get caught of course) accidental hit woman is a good way to go. Especially if you can use the experience to finish your much awaited novel and collect that paycheck. So really you’re just killing it all around.

I was looking for something fun with the Finlay Donovan books and I totally found it. Plus two good heroines, a nice little friendship, questionable love interests, writing life and some good mysteries.

Finlay is having a bitch of a time. She’s broke, she’s got major writers block and worse her shithead ex-husband is about to take her kids away from her with the help of his high-powered lawyer.

So one day while in a crowded Panera she’s pitching her latest mystery to her editor when a woman overhears her and then “hires” Finlay to off her husband.

Finlay of course doesn’t so much as take the job as snoop around out of interest and when the dude ends up dead anyway well the wife sees that as a job well done and starts recommending her yelp style to others. And she’s got to deal with who the dead dude worked for.

Luckily she has her trusty and way too into this au pair to help.

In the second book Finlay finds out a hit was taken out on her ex-husband so must (for some strange reason) try to keep him alive while investigating since he doesn’t believe her anyway.

Finlay Donovan gave me super Stephanie Plum vibes at least before those books went on so long they started to annoy me. They are fun quick reads with a super likable accident prone lead and a nice supporting cast. I must say though I didn’t love the two romantic interests but it’s not really a love triangle which I appreciated and in the end, despite some hard to believe moves from the cop, they are handled in a believable way.

Recommend: Yes to both and I will happily continue this series. I think the Finlay Donovan books are good year round but they will make especially good books for upcoming vacations or just if you need a laugh 🙂

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