The Viscount Who Loved Me & Season 2 Hopes (Bridgerton)

Anthony Bridgerton

It surprised me how much I enjoyed Bridgerton Season 1, despite thinking Simon would be better off drop-kicking Daphne to the moon. (She is by far my least favorite part of the new trailer- nothing worse than a smug brat who had to browbeat her husband into giving her everything she wanted before letting him have a moments peace.)

But I digress this is about The Viscount Who Loved Me and season 2. *This is perhaps spoilery for the books and maybe the show obviously I have no idea what they may or may not change show wise.

But anyway… be warned!

So I decided to give the book a go because everyone said the story of Anthony and Kate was the best romance, the best book and well it was available at the library.

Character wise Anthony doesn’t strike me as that different from the show season one. Though now we get to see some of the things that made him, mainly the death of his father. He has decided to find a wife for the good of his family although he is not going to love her. It’s solely a duty.

He decides on young Edwina Sharma but in order to court her he’s going to have to get through her older sister Kate.

If only Daphne wasn’t in the background!

Anyway I am still wildly looking forward to the show dropping next week (March 25th) but I admit I was a little disappointed in the book.

Props to the narrator though who was pretty good but seriously made Simon and Daphne both sound so bloody pompous that I know I could never ever read their book. I had to struggle to get through the few parts they were in.

Anyway Kate immediately doesn’t like Anthony based on his reputation and the two spar and you know, fall in love with each other by accident as these things go. This was another one though where the marriage was one of forced convenience because they get caught doing something and I really, really hope they take that out of the show.

Do all the Bridgerton’s somehow have to be forced to marry their true love?

I also found the pall-mall game fun the first time but than she tacked on an epilogue (which actually spoils some other stuff if you haven’t read on) and was so, so boring… (But I did have to look up what pall-mall was- apparently croquet so points for learning something!)

Also the book is very, very centered on them and luckily in the trailer it’s obvious will be getting other characters as you have to do in a television show of course.

Anyway I didn’t love the book but I’m still very much looking forward to the show! I just hope they make at least that one big change 🙂

Recommend the Book: No. This is one where I think I’ll be happier to just watch the show.

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  1. Haha yeah I don’t want to see Daphne ever again!! And yeah I’ve read three of the Bridgerton books now (there’s was a three in one copy at the library) and yes they all seem like they have to be forced to marry their true love!?

  2. I despised daphne to the point I wrote my own blog post about it! I couldn’t believe what I was watching but watched season 2 and thankfully it was so much more organic, natural and entertaining!

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