Bridgerton 2: Changes and Questions

Well Bridgerton Season 2 made a lot of changes to the book. Don’t get me wrong they were necessary in many cases. I just wonder if there weren’t better options than the ones they took- options I think that would have still built on the source material.

the Bridgerton family

Also I have one big question.


So after a season of annoying me Eloise learns Penelope’s big secret. This is after Pen has exposed her visits to a young printer and political radicals so between that and everything else she’s written about her family Eloise is rightly angry and the two have an enormous fight.

But it leaves me to wonder…

Queen Charlotte in Bridgerton

How can Penelope still publish from this point on? And she writes something immediately after, plus I assume the show isn’t doing away with Whistledown yet. So why would Eloise not just expose her?

Interestingly enough the book could have provided a reasonable answer in that Penelope is supporting her family with that money but here she’s hiding it under the floorboards in the show. Lots of it while her family needed it. So I really don’t see why Eloise wouldn’t go right to the Queen especially if she were to publish again since Queen Charlotte spent the season trying to upstage/discover Whistledown.

Okay I guess that’s a story for next season…

Kate Sharma

Bridgerton Season 2 was mostly a lot of fun. Also beautiful to look at. Still love the clothes, the scenery and the music and frankly I didn’t mind the lack of sex scenes here although a few people have pointed out a possible editing mistake in the last and really… if you are only doing two don’t screw em up people.

The main story was Kate and Anthony’s hate to love romance all of which happens while Anthony courts her sister Edwina.

I really liked how the show did Edwina’s character. But I think they did her dirty by turning this into a love triangle when they really didn’t need to. In the books yes Anthony courted Edwina but she smartly kept her options open. (And I am upset in the show about Lord Lumley disappearing! He was adorable and would have been perfect!)

Edwina Sharma

Instead here we have Anthony and Edwina making it all the way to the alter and a huge blow up when she finally uncovers the truth. I hated the sisters fight. They managed not to do that in the book and it’s also, in the show, all resolved by a life-threatening injury.

And this isn’t another question but I was more just amazed by how Kate could essentially spend a week in a coma from a head trauma and wake up absolutely fine- not only fine but her hair was glorious! She had been bleeding from the head! No one had to cut it even a little to clean the blood up? I mean she looked like she had just had a nice rest at a super swank spa.

Little things:

I don’t care for Eloise and Theo. Like I said she annoyed me this season.

Colin, Eloise and Benedict Bridgerton

On the one hand I thought Daphne had a great line (holy shit Daphne was bearable in small doses) calling Anthony out for constantly make decisions for the family that they don’t ask him to do and then resenting the hell out of them. There is a lot of resentment in Anthony (and Eloise) for a life that’s still hella better than most.

That being said while I enjoy them as characters he may want to tell Colin and Benedict to get a damned job. I mean second and third sons would have gone into the army or the clergy or something right? I lost a lot of respect for Benedict by not staying in the art school.

Anthony and Eloise should get over themselves.

Colin and Benedict should get jobs.

Lady Danbury and Lady Bridgerton

I also appreciated getting to see Violet’s grief for her husband- not just how it affected Anthony. Though again it’s an interesting point that Anthony couldn’t seem to realize his mother did manage to get past it (he couldn’t) at least enough to make her peace with it and continue to enjoy her life and children. I also enjoy her friendship with Lady Danbury 🙂

That being said I didn’t like the multiple comments, including by Violet, that Anthony’s future wife would take over raising her younger children. Ah, why? What is Violet going to do walk off into the admittedly lush countryside and die at what 50?

Overall I still really enjoyed the season and I’m glad they trashed another forced marriage I just wish they hadn’t gone so hard on Edwina and Anthony first especially when Lord Lumley was right there! I also have to admit as much as I will watch season 3 I’m not really excited about any of the other characters love stories.

But I’m hooked so romances aside I’m still interested in where some of my favorites go from here!

4 thoughts on “Bridgerton 2: Changes and Questions

  1. I actually skipped what Daphne scenes I could…some were unavoidable of course. The biggest joke to me was her giving Anthony relationship advice like really? And yes Eloise really annoyed me too, though I was pleased to see her reading Wollstonecraft!
    And I am all about Kate and Anthony I love their back and forth 😁

    1. I laughed out loud when she like made one little adjustment to the bouquets or changed their colors or something and her mother was sincerely like I taught you well! I think Anthony, Eloise and Benedict must have stolen all the personality for the older siblings at least 🙂

      1. They were so desperate to include her in season 2 but she could have been taken out all together and it would have been the same.
        Plus where she says something like “Simon and I come up against some new obstcale in our marriage all the time” and I’m hoping she’s just lying and that Simon actually left her

      2. Ha! Smart of him.

        I imagine any obstacle they come up against in their marriage gets resolved by poor Simon doing whatever she wants probably for his safety and her getting her way. But maybe the divorce will be the storyline for season 4?

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